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Hello -

I'm flying from NYC to Frankfurt on the 27th, and will be staying in Germany until Jan 4th (needless to say, I am very excited for my first trip to the country).

My goal is to take in the culture, no so much "sights".

I was interested in spending 2 days in The Black Forrest, to xcountry ski (or possibly, ski a nearby mountain: suggestions?). Then return to Frankfurt for a bit, then finish my stay in Berlin for a New Year's celebration.

In short: my itinery is very flexible, and would like to take in as much culture (and practice speaking as much German as possible), etc.

Know of any good christmas markets, fairs, etc.
Good pubs, and or jazz clubs as well.


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Berlin is brilliant for new years...
was there last year - try the Orienburger Strasse area
its on the north of the underground on the east side. Great area for bars and pubs.

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Thank you! I shall try that.

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Hello Marie,

for the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) the area around Feldberg should be best - the Feldberg is the highest mountain in this region and therefore the chance of getting enough snow for skiing should be best there.
Probably its advisable to book accomodation in advance because a lot of Germans will spend their Christmas holidays there.

For New Year's Eve Berlin should be a good destination to party.
If you don't want to travel so far from Frankfurt, Cologne is also a good option for there's also lot of party there - and the people in the "Rheinland" are very friendly ;-)

Filika - Best regards,



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hello marie,

right, berlin IS great for nye, but as the other one said, cologne is awesome as well, great ppl over there!!

as for berlin and sights. go and do a walking tour!!

the best i can recommend are


great guides, great knowledge and you'll simply see it all in just about 4 hours of walking.

the insider tours also offer an organised pub crawl, also on nye, so go and check out their homepage.

have fun!!!!


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for frankfurt it is a very nice city, a lot of sights in the city center near ziel street , night clubs are around the main train station

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i would personally say, dont go to berlin at all cause its the ugliest place in existence but thats just me