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I am travelling to Australia (for a year) via Thailand/Singapore/Bali in Feb...
There are certain items of clothing I need to purchase for my trip, but I figure theres no point in me buying things here in the UK when chances are I can purchase them much cheaper abroad...

I need things like decent shorts (cargo shorts, multi zip pocket etc..), Trainers, Sandals/ flip flops, T-shirts etc... (most things really!)

Does anyone have any experience of buying decent clothing in these places, I wouldnt mind picking up some designer copy clothing also, as it will last me my year in Oz...

I intend to take a half empty Back Pack away with me...

Any tips on good places to grab a bargain and any tips for me?

Particularly for Bangkok....

Any examples of what I can expect to pay for certain items would be a help also...



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There is no way you can find anything bargain in Singapore,
If you want to shop for clothes and does not need brand names you can find many bargains in Bangkok , espescially go to Pratunam Area (right in the heart of Bangkok) where they sell clothing at bargain prices( of course there is so many of them are copies), make sure that you can bargain the prices, most of them tends to tell you at a higher prices and expect you to bargain
Surely most of these is cheap compares to Europe's price

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You would not have done any shopping in Bangkok if you've not been to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It's on Saturdays and Sundays from probably about 9am to 6 pm. Be sure to get there early as it gets REALLY crowded and stuffy by mid afternoon. There are about an estimated 7,000 to 12,000 stalls here. Yes, you could very well lose your way.

If you're looking at getting backpacks and rucksacks, be sure to visit a shopping mall called Mabunkrong, the locals call it MBK. Be sure to bargain here as well...they still do give out discounts eventhough it's a shopping mall.

Forget about shopping in Singapore.

Bali's is not too bad too if you're looking for surfwear but originals like Ripcurl and Quicksilver are by no means cheap!

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I agree, forget Singapore for bargain shopping!
Khao San Road in Bangkok is great. You can get pretty much anything you want. Everything is sooo cheap. I think I picked up 2 "diesel" t-shirts, a skirt, and a few girly tops for about £4-5!
Bartering is the key.

Happy shopping


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There are loads of desginer copies in Thailand, particually in the KSR area, don't expect quality though! After a few washes, the item is out of shape & has fadded.

Bali has some really good surf wear, ripcurl, quicksilver etc. Plus a few stussy shops & many more, look in Kuta-that place has loads of clothes shops. They are genuine though & it's much cheaper then the UK, but obviously more then the copy stuff.

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Thanks for the advice, Bangkok is my first stop, so gonna try an stock up there with my clothing supplies!!

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Bangkok is always the right place to shop for clothes...Pratunam night market, Chatuchak, Pantip Plaza are just treasures....goodluck!