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1. Posted by dread1 (Budding Member 13 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I would like to go to either toronto or Montreal from vancouver. What is the best option- rail, plane or bus? Also is it cheaper to go to Toronto and on to Montreal or vice versa? Any info or ideas much appreciated

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hi l,
i guess the cheapest way to either toronto or montreal would be by bus but it's as well the longest. the other quite reasonable solution is by plane. the train is - as far as i know - pretty expensive.
check out the following websites for fares: - for bus connections/fares - flights vancouver-toronto - low cost carrier - more or less same flights as air canada but often cheaper
it's difficult to say if toronto or montreal is cheaper because the airlines often have seat sales - especially now in summer - and the fares can change anytime.

or try unspecific sites like:

i hope this is helpful, if you should have more questions let me know.

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Trust me, man . . . if you want to get there before you are very old, it is best to fly. Check out WestJet. They are a discount airliner. They may not go to Toronto, but you can get pretty close anyways, and then bus or train it from there. Also check out Air Canada, 'cause they've got some discount lines too.

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Just as a side bar: I saw an ad last week that it cost like $50 dollars to fly from Toronto to Montreal on eiethr West Jet or Jet's Go (one-way). You should definately check into that - if it's a limited time offer yo8u can book now and reap the benefits! LOL, I sound like an ad.

Katie ;)

Disclaimer: Mtlchica neither works or know anyone who has worked for the aforementioned companies. She hasn't even flown on their airlines. She is just relaying information onto her Travellerspoint peers. :)

5. Posted by dread1 (Budding Member 13 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Thanks everyone for the advice- looking like planes the best and even better if I get in early!!

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Yo Dread,
Nice play on the magical cross canada city stop tour. Definetly fly from VanCity to Toronto, or as an alternative take the bus from Vancity to Calgary, thorugh the Okanogan and Rockies (when asking around most peoples of the world reflect an image of this stretch of road as lasting impression of Canada, truly some of the most amazing scenery in the world). Then fly to Toronto from Calgary. Enjoy the T Dot and take the Via Rail to Montreal and then after checking out Montreal for a few daze take the train even further to Quebec City. I think this would be the best approach to see the most.