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We are 2 Romanians and we'll travel in s America from 31 of December to 22 February. I will be very happy if someone could help us!
First of all...... we arrive in 31 December in Lima. What can we do for the New Years Eve ?
We have also a problem because we cannot have the shot for yellow fever here. Can we do it in airport in Lima?
I read on some website of one tour agency that between dec and feb there are no treks in Machu Pichu. Is it true? Can we book a trip in this period?
After Peru we'll go to Bolivia, Argentina and then Brazil.
How are road conditions in this period? We planned our itinerary considering the bus schedule in Lonely Planet. Can we rely on this? Is the "death train" the only solution on this period to go from Bolivia to Argentina?
I also read some scary threads about situation in Bolivia ... how safe is it and what do we need to take care in order not to have problems and to have a nice trip?
Any suggestion about what to do, see... etc would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • Road condition is generally good is SA summer
  • death train is between Bolivia (Santa Cruz) and Brazil (Corumba), not between Bolivia and Argentina.
  • I've never heard about Machu Picchu being closed; consulted their official website, and nothing there either. But this doesn't mean it could not be true! Just check by the time you arrive in Lima; the national tourist office at the airport should know.
  • safety in Bolivia is excellent as far as you don't do anything stupid, like hitchhiking. Adhere to the safety and security principles mentioned in any handbook, and all should be fine, even though there is no such thing as risk-free travelling, but that goes for Europe as well

Happy travels,

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From what I've heard, the government is trying to limit access to the Inca Trail. It's not that it's closed, it's just that it's hard to get in if you don't get tickets in advance. My aunt just got back from Peru and had to take an alternative route to get to Machu Picchu. You should definitely check this information though - I could be wrong.

I went from Argentina to Bolivia by bus (and flew back). I actually got off the bus in Jujuy and crossed the border on foot (to Villazón). I don't know that there are other options besides bus/plane.

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I am not sure if machu pichu is, but the inca trail is closed in feb. It should be open december and jan though. I also recommend you do it earlier to avoid the rain. And also probably dont carry your own back back. Go with llamapath btw, relatively small groups and good food. Porters where also given what resembled proper backpacks, which didnt hold true for most other companies. If i remember sas was pretty bad.

Btw, dont believe what tourist agencies and bus companies tell you about the kind of seat/bus you are given. We were promised full reclinable seats on the bottom floor of a bus with only one stop from cusco to la paz. Ended up making four stops, with most of the trip on local buses. A couple we met had to sit next to the driver for 7 hours. Anyway, this was probably more than you asked to know.