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If you're in Jakarta, I need your help. I recently discovered that a CD-ROM I burned in a Jakarta internet cafe was in fact, empty. The operator burned a shortcut to my pictures, not the pictures themselves! Unfortunately, these were very important pictures to me. There is a slight chance that the data is still on the computers at the internet cafe. I am offering a cash reward to anyone who can get this data back to me, or even just verify that it has been erased. Yes, obviously, I'm desperate and very sad at the loss of these images.

What I know:

- The internet cafe was perhaps the third or fourth on Jalan Jaksa, starting from the North end. I don't remember the name.

- The only CD burner in the place was installed on the server at the front.

- The folder containing the pictures was named "3 March - 24 March" and stored on the computer named "mnet5".

- The photographs were taken with a Pentax Optio S and had numbered filenames from IMGP2988.JPG to IMGP3319.JPG.

I am offering:

---$300 USD REWARD--- to the first person who can burn these 200-odd images to a new CD-ROM and get them back to me.

---$100 USD REWARD--- to the first person who can verify that they've been erased. Email me photographs of the exterior and interior of the internet cafe, and screenshots of a "Find Files" search for the above folder AND filenames on the network server AND mnet5 computers. Also check the recyling bin, etc. Please be thorough; convince me you looked absolutely everywhere to claim the reward.

Or, if you're not feeling technically inclined:

---$50 USD REWARD--- to the first person who prints out ten copies of this notice and emails me photos of them posted in guesthouses and telephone poles along Jalan Jaksa.

Since it's less likely that my pictures will still exist as time goes on, these are TIME-SENSITIVE offers -- let's say they're good for June 2004 but halve each successive month after that. I can pay you via paypal, cheque, Western Union, etc.

Thank you and happy travels!

- Jonathan Shekter

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I'm not in Jakarta so can't help, but perhaps you'll get lucky if you contact some of the guesthouses in the area by email and ask them to go take a look for you. Else one of the internet cafes - here is one listing I found online:

Click Cyber Cafe
Jl.Jaksa No.29 Jakarta 10340 Indonesia
PHONE: 62-21-9150919
FAX: 62-21-31900607

Off this page:

Good luck - sorry can't be of more help.

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Hi Jonathan,

I will try to track it down but Jl. Jaksa is not a place I usually go to and it is not so easily accessed from where I live, so first I will try to find some information through the net and check it by phone - So far I only found 2 internet cafes on Jl. Jaksa:
Click Cyber Cafe - I tried to call but apparently the phone number is invalid;
SpeedyNet: Jalan Jaksa No.35 (Hotel Djody) E-Mail: (No. info about phone number)

I will try to ask people I know, one of them might have info about Internet cafes on Jl. Jaksa. Do you have more information for my clue? Like, when did you have the CD burnt, etc.