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I just cant believe it. so i uploaded a picture from my hometown (West, Tx)(no not the directin of west, my towns name actually IS West) to map out on my photo map and my hometown is not even listed in the list. I type in every other town i can think of around me and they are all there. I know my town is small(2500 people) but it lists Penelope, tx, that has only 180 people, and even Luchenbah -(might be spelled wrong but it was there) that has only 11, yes 11 people! whats up with this? i think i need to make a site to promote my home town....oh wait there is one actually..... http://www.westfest.com/wf2007/westfest.asp .... sorry for the cheesy polka music for anyone who clicks on it! this is our version of Oktoberfest we have every year for three days. we are a small Czech town who love our pivo (czech for beer).

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West is actually on the map :) You will need to zoom in on the map and find it though. The reason it doesn't show up in the dropdown is because of the length of the name. Because the dropdown only shows the first dozen or so options, west unfortunately is left out. I'll suggest a fix for this, preferring short names if possible. In the meanwhile, just zoom into the location and it is there!

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Quoting Peter

West is actually on the map ...

The day is saved. If only all problems in life were so simple. And its Luckenbach, I believe.

(Now I have to go see for myself where this town is.)

Kevin Pfeiffer

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Cheers guys, TP really does care about the small town boy afterall.