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I am currently travelling SE Asia and I will be spending aprox x2 weeks in Malaysia in February and am wanting to know the best place to go for a beach resort...

A friend of mine is flying from the UK to Kuala Lumpur where I will be meeting them. They only have x2 weeks in the country so we don't want to be spending too much time on transport and we just wish to spend time on a beach and chill out in a place that has somes bars and restaurants but also away from the masses (possibly places to stay on the beach?)

I have been doing a bit a research and have come across Penang and Pulau Pangkor.... would anyone recommed these places?

To get to Penang I know I would have to get a flight from KL. Does anyone know whether this would be a good idea or are there any places closer to KL that might be suitable?

Thanks :)


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Hi Lucy,

I would absolutley recommend the Perhentian Islands. They are stunning. We were only meant to stay for 2 days but ended up staying a week! Really relaxed, bars all along the beach and plenty of beach accomodation to choose from. The diving and snorkelling are great.
You can either fly from KL to Kota Bahru (check out or and then get the boat over, it only takes about 30 mins on the speedboat. Or you could opt for the cheaper option of an 8 hour coach journey! The coach goes daily from Hentian Putra Station and I think it cost us around RM25.

As for Penang I would say that the best beach place is probably Batu Ferringhi. It's about 20km north of Georgetown. Lots of hotels along the beachfront.


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Penang is an interesting place, but the beaches aren't exactly top-notch - you can get a boat to Langkawi from Penang however, which is a better beachy bet. You can get cheap air asia flights to Penang or Langkawi, or a bus to Penang, or a train to Butterworth (just on the mainland off Penang).

You could even go to Penang first, then get the boat to Langkawi, and fly back from Langkawi to Bangkok.

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perhentians are blingin! great snorkelling as well if you like that sort of stuff

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the beach at pangkor is better than the one at penang. if u wanna spend a few quiet days contemplating the sunrise ovcer the SouthCHina Sea, this is the place to be. the taxis around the island can be a bit of a rip off though... the seafood is fresh, but i ended up with food poisoning here so watch out a bit...

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The islands of Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Redang and Tioman is on the east coast of Malaysia where there is monsoon for the months of November to March. Most resorts in the first 3 islands would close by October and re-open in late February to early March. The seas are rough and many a times, travellers are stranded on the islands as the ferries could not get to the island during the monsoon. Thus, if you are in to snorkelling or diving during these months, it is not advisable to go as the water would be choppy and visibility is low.

You may choose to fly direct to either Redang or Tioman via Berjaya Air but your water activities may be limited due to the monsoon.

Food in the hotels of the east coast islands could be very expensive by Malaysian standards as they are mainly ferried from the mainland. There are some local Malay eateries offering cheap food but if you are in Tioman, this would depend on where you are staying because the mode of transport from one village to another is via the ferry and it may not be worthwhile for you to hop on the ferry for food, if the ferry arrives at all during the monsoon season.

Suggestion is to go to islands on the west coast such as Langkawi, Penang or Pangkor. The beaches at the latter two islands are not that good as they are pretty polluted. Penang is a street food haven (very cheap!!!) and is an interesting cultural visit. There's nothing much in Pangkor except an idyllic traditional fishing village.

Langkawi has superb beaches, good and cheap seafood as well as snorkelling and diving sites. The snorkelling and diving sites are situated off the main Langkawi island such as Pulau (Pulau is the local word for island)Payar but not as good as the east coast islands. You can also go island hopping to the main/major islands and the Langkawi archipelago consists of over 99 islands. However, due to the monsoon in the east coast, Langkawi would be a better choice. Also, Langkawi has duty free shopping whereby a can of 325ml Carlsberg costs about USD0.45 to USD0.50 only!

16 to 24 Feb 2007 would be a peak period as it is the Chinese New Year (CNY) week. A couple of years ago, people had to scramble and jostle for whatever ferry that arrived at the Tioman Island during the CNY season 'coz it is also the monsoon season and many were already stranded for a couple of days due to the monsoon.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Malaysia and any island of your choice.

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Itenerant, Pangkor is on the west coast of peninsula Malaysia. As such, it would be a miracle if you could view sunrise/sunset over the South China Sea (SCS).

Pangkor and Penang is on the Straits of Malacca and so is Langkawi but as Langkawi is on the top of the straits, it is also part of the Andaman Sea.

Islands in the SCS are the east coast islands such as Perhentian, Redang, Lang Tengah, Rawa and Tioman. In east Malaysia (ie. in Borneo), you'd have Pulau Gaya, Pulau Mabul, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sipadan, etc. All these islands off Borneo are popular and world class diving sites.


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Itenerant, Pangkor is on the west coast of peninsula Malaysia. As such, it would be a miracle if you could view sunrise/sunset over the South China Sea (SCS).

Oops my bad... Been there a few years back, did not rank as one of my most pleasant memories being hospitalised in Ipoh... Must have confused me...

9. Posted by catwong (Budding Member 49 posts) 12y Star this if you like it! in east coast islands are expensive..
they cost for the delivery n etc.. my uncle is one of the operators there.

i think if u wann go east coast, u can go lang tengah or redang.. much better.. my uncle suggest lang tengah since it's still not so touristic island.. most of the islands are contaminated due to tourism..

i personally haven't been to islands yet.. because i don't like the heat.. sun tanning is not my favourite.

for west coast islands.. u can go pangkor what's been said.. or pulay langkawi in kedah
penang is not even a nice island for its beach.. it's practically a town already

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see all the islands of malaysia here: