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1. Posted by Alli (Full Member 19 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,
<br />
<br />I'm heading to Paris in the morning for a week.
<br />But i have heard that it is really expensive there.
<br />Does anybody have any suggestions on where to
<br />go out and things to do that doesn't cost a hell of a lot.
<br />I'm going with a group and we have a big night out on
<br />saturday night all suggestions would be welcome.
<br />We are staying around the montmartre Sacre Cour area.
<br />Thanks
<br />Alli

2. Posted by omid (Budding Member 3 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I was in Paris for a week a while ago. Except for hotels, I did not find the costs in Paris as outrageous as I was told. It is very comparable to a city in USA. If you eat sandwiches for lunch from a fast food place, it is really cheap and usually very good. The cost is comparative to McDonald. Eating at a good restaurant is costly and is around $25 Euroes per person unless you go to a very fancy restaurants. Most of the local restaurants which are small and have a low profile serve good food and it will not cost you more than $15. About places to see, these are the must: Ifle Tower, Noterdaum, Momaakht, Rou Moftaa. You have to excuse my spelling. My french has become rusty. Momakht is where the local paris painters come every weekend to show their work. Rou Moftaa is the most beautiful street I have ever seen. If you have the time, a ride on a boat over the river would also be nice.
Have fun.

3. Posted by AainaalyaA (Full Member 30 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

ok guys, if you must go to paris for whatever reason, don't speak english. just blab everything foreign but not english. the first impression when a french hears you muttering in broken french is better than your being "correct" at speaking any other thing than french, like english. trust me, as an almost foreign person living in paris, after a while you get that edge of not wanting to listen to anything other than french in the streets, and once you've overcome that barrier, then you can be comfortable spewing out the english dictionnary :)

one good place to go, if you're going to be a the Montmartre area or thereabouts would be the Sacre Coeur (sackray ker), the Espace Montmartre Salvador Dali (S-pas Mon matr - salvador dali), The musee (mew zay), The Cimetiere (cimi-tier), the Moulin Rouge (no, not the movie, moo-lin rooge), Au lapin agile (o la-pain a-gile) and of course place des abbesses.. but 1 week? just that arrondisement would not suffice but yeah, its better than nothing right?

Most of the well known artists lived there from picasso, to van gogh, to dali, to Mogdiliani.. just take time to breath

To get out from the crowds, go to:

Hameau des artistes - 11 ave junot, its a hamlet for artists, its quiet, and they wouldnt mind if you drop by

Cite Veron - 92 blvd de Clichy, its a cul-de-sac, and home+warehouse for Ophir - theatre props + costume designer

cheap places to eat.. hmmm, nothing is cheap in paris, even if you're a student or a long time resident.

but i'd suggest, if you're a muslim, to just go into the Quartier Latin area, and you'd see loads of maghrebis there, who'd serve halal food, or kosher if you cant find muslim food. there are muslim bistros in the area you'll be visiting but i've never really ate in one so, i can't tell you about any of them.

If you're not too mindful, there are places like L'Alsaco, for something below 30 euros, they are at 10 rue de Cardoncet, food is regional french, and loads of wine

another place to look at would be aux negociants, 27 rue lambert, also thereabouts below 30 euros for a meal, and you'd see simple dishes like pate, and potato pies...

voila, hopefully that's some small help..

bon courage :)