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I have dreamed of going to Ireland since I was a child. I am not really sure where it came from, but I know that whenever asked where I would like to go I said Ireland. So now as an adult I am dying to go. I am trying desperately to figure out inexpensive ways to travel. Being a newly single mom I have a VERY limited budget. I have found flights as low as $500 roundtrip. I would go even just for a 3 day weekend trip. My biggest concern is the amount of money needed to actually be there for three days. Are hostels fairly safe for international travelers? I just want to go there so badly. I know staying in hostels and using public transportation are good ways to go. What is a realistic budget per day? What is the least amount I would expect to pay for a 3 day off season trip to Dublin?
Thank you

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If you are flying from the East coast, I'd estimate about $1000-1200 TOPS including airfare. If you're flexible with your dates and are willing to spend some time online shopping around for your flight.

With only three days, you're probably going to want to stay in and around Dublin. Definately take public transportation everwhere possible, although many of the main sights in Dublin are walkable from the downtown O'Connell St. area. Dublin bus has a tourist office in the airport and they will help you out with routes, tickets/passes, and getting into town.

I don't know anything about Dublin hostels, but there are some nice, affordable guest houses right outside of the City Center (which is expensive) if you want something a nicer (I'd mention the place my wife and I stay when we're in Dublin, but I'm afraid my post will be deleted). This could be a good option if you are willing to spend some time figuring out the public transportation.

The easiest way by far to save your Euros is to not eat in restaurants. You can eat really cheaply if you stick to grocery stores and pub grub.

You will love Ireland and the natives are extremely nice, even in Dublin. There is an energy there that one just doesn't feel on the Continent.

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Hi Michelle

If you are on the east coast, your ticket wouldnt be more than 5-600 dollars. If you fly from Boston, New York, or Philly, you can get for even cheaper.

What do you like most about or what attracts you the most to Ireland. I found the west coast and the south to be much more charming than Dublin. Dublin is a great city!!! but filled with tourists and very very high prices. Galway (Shannon Airport) may be a better option if you want the traditional type of Irish visit.

But yes, Hostels are very safe, I always stay at the Avalon House when I go to Dublin. Altho ironically I was robbed of my wallet from a tiny hostel in Tralee, small town on the west coast in Kerry. Just use common sense - which I failed to do.

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I am in Dublin right now. If you only stay here for 3 days, no cost too much:

1. hostel - around Euro 20.00 per night in city centre but a bit noisy as most of them is near the bar
2. transport - Euro 3.00 or less if you just walk around City Centre
3. eat - TESCO supermarket, around Euro 5.00 for water PLUS sandwich

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Hello 4everblue

Hostels in Dublin on average cost 13 euros, for a bed in a dorm.
Are u taking your child, with u. I have recently been there, with my 5 year old. She was not allowed, to stay, in the dorm. They said, children under 16 are not allowed. If u are going alone, then staying in hostels is the cheapest.

All the hostels in Dublin, which i stayed in have kitchens, where u can cook. So buy food in supermarkets, to cut expenses. Restaurants and cafes, in Ireland are expensive. U could also make tea and coffee, in the kitchens, to cut expenses.

Since u only have 3 days, u might as well stay in Dublin.

U can get the local green city bus, from the airport, to the city centre, for 1.80euros. Get one, which is going to O'Connell Street.
Then stay at the Ashfield hostel, on doleier street(the spelling is wrong, maybe somebody would say the correct spelling, for this street). A bed in this hostel, in the dorm costs 13 euros, including breakfast. Appart from these expenses, it is your choice what else u spend your money on, if anything. Dublin city centre is small enough to walk around, so u dont need those expensive bus tours, which are on offer.

If u want to visit some beautiful seaside places, then i suggest u take the DART, to Dawlky(not correct spelling. But if u are interested in going to them, i can look up the correct spelling for all the places), Howth, or kiliney. The DART is public city transport, so should not cost too much. However, i am not sure how much.


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Hello again 4everblue

Yes, the hostels are safe.
I never had any trouble, with them.
One more budget thing to remember, is u may have to pay airport tax, when leaving the country. So keep around 20 euros, for this. But the airport tax, may also be included, in your flight ticket price and then u would not have to pay it, when leaving.

Anyway, i lived in Dublin, for 7 years, so feel free, to ask me any questions u want.