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Thanks for your well wishes. It's always a good idea to make sure you don't advertise your wealth and also that you are nice to other people. But I doubt the crime rate is worse in big cities in China than it is in big cities in other countries. Nonetheless, I'll be careful.

I think foreign media paint a much worse picture about the Chinese than is justified, partly because they are scared of the immense economic power that China is becoming.

From my perspective, I think that often those who criticize human rights violations should take a look at their own countries and see if they are so perfect. I'm not condoning what has happened in Tibet, but rather saying that all countries who are (or have been) powerful have committed atrocities on their way to becoming so. If they are from the US, ask about the Native Americans that used to inhabit the land. If they are from England, ask about the Crusades or the Opium Wars, for examples. If they are from Japan, ask about the many atrocities committed during World War II (for instance, the Nanking Massacre). All I am saying is that it's easy to point the finger at the other country, but the governments of all countries that have power have used it poorly at one time or another.

Sorry for the reminder of so many bad things, but it is better to remember the past so that we can work to keep from repeating it.


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Hi all

Well, i am heading to china some time this year after my trip begins in March, and i am looking forward to China, the most out of my destinations!

I have got quite a few suggestions as to what things to see/visit (cheers stumpy) but one thing i REALLY REALLY want to get involved with or see is some authentic martial arts either training or tournaments?? I Am really interested in all the different aspects involved.. the philosphies, training, athleticism etc So if you have any ideas on where to go for that sort of thing i would greatly appreciate it!

As i am a big Jet li Fan, the only place i know of is the Jing wu Sports Federation (excuse my lack of knowledge here). Is it worth having a look??

Cheers all

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The Chinese people are amazing, friendly, kind - Northern China is noted for its hospitality and friendliness - also drinking and fighting apparently, but I saw little of that.

Beijing is a great place to start, but too many people dont know about a great "little" city called Dalian that isnt too far away - very very nice people. EVERYONE wants to learn English, and everyone who can speak a few words will want to talk to you - if you have time do some traveling outside Beijing.

We had a great time in a place called Bingyu Goa northeast I think of Beijing, the little Guilin of the north. Theres some amazing temples in the Dalian, Kaifaqu area of China.

Dalian is the fashion capital of China and the shopping there is just unbelievable ! And the young designers, if you want a designer original this is the city to visit, prices are much cheaper than Beijing, you can shop 'til you drop and not run out of money -

Shanghai is amazing, it boggles the mind, so much to see and do. And dont forget Sanya and tropical China, its a tropical paradise -

One city I would not recommend to people is Nanjing, spent several months there and the people were hostile and nasty. We were spit on, had people drive their bikes into us, on purpose, and met a young man from the US who was in tears over the way he had been treated there. Talked to another person from the US who said all the American women in the company had packed up and gone home because women arent second class citizens there, they are the very bottom of the heap and foreign women appear to be on a level somewhere below the dogs and the rats.

Our time there was a complete nightmare. People in shopping centres were rude and ignorant, walked away rather than wait on us, we had problems buying train tickets to get out of there as the woman at the counter refused to sell them to us -

Its the only place in China were we have encountered this attitude. My advise, go to China, have a wonderful unforgettable time but stay ou of Nanjing !

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China is indeed a place full of recorded history. One can never visit all of China in a matter of weeks. There is just too much to see.

I realised that when I started to read up Eyewitness Travel Guide by DK and a couple of others too.

I'm a Chinese and my grandfather was from Swatow, China.

My wife and I will be visiting China this year, either June or August.

China tours are very popular in my country, Singapore. The current hot places are Juizhaigou, Inner Mongolia & Silk Road.

Probably its just that travellerspoint forum attract more people visiting the Far East and hence questions are concentrated on countries in South East Asia.

If one goes to the other good forum VT, you'll see lots of China visitors sharing their experiences!


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I wanted to go to China since I was 5 years old. Finally after raising a family and taking care of elderly parents and life I was able to realize my dream. I wasnt dissapointed. I had worked with a lot of immigrants in my employment, volunteered with the Chinese Seniors Group, and was familiar with the culture. I headed out on my own when I got there , and had to learn Mandarin - it was basically sink or swim - the tourist guide books were no help - I wanted to TALK to the people, not ask how far the train station was ! I will never forget the first time I understood what someone said to me - it was a taxi driver, and he turned to me and said "Your jacket looks like it is a very warm jacket" and I was SO exicted ! If you have any chance to visit China - do it ! I promise you wont be sorry - but you will have great sadness when its time to leave.

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i have always loved china. i'm a malaysian chinese, and i've been to china twice. once by tour, and another one time, with my boyfriend (who is from beijing)

i love the country so much (but i hate going on tours with groups), taking my time to visit historical places, learning about the culture, following the locals as they go about their everyday life (even going to the supermarket is such a thrill for me, because life is so different from where i live)...

in fact, i love it so much that i'm pestering my boyfriend to move back to beijing after we both graduate from the university in singapore. :)

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Yes! peace to the world.God created the world with diversity, it adds colour to living. The world is make up of only two types of people, good and bad and selfcentered, not divided by color, religions or wealth.

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Sorry! it was intended as a reply for nole61 not for posting since it was unrelated to the topic of discussion.

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My latest trip to China was Swatow in Guangzhou on Nov06. Travelling an hour from Chaochou city to a public school. It was the most memorable and enjoyable trip ever make to China over the past ten years.The primary school students was so curious , inquisitive ,warm and playful. Its the closest moment you can have with the locals. Any similiar experience from you out there? any advice or recommendation for me on my next trip. This time I hope to look for a budget airline to China and a budget hotel because I am low on fund since last job end in year 2000

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they eat dog and slaughter there own people...makes ya think does it not?

females are treated like shite and males have all the power...yeah, sounds like my kind of country....not.

why not china? because chinease people are everywhere! there culture is everywhere! they own every thing in south east asia. they influence the north of thailand, vietnam etc....south east asia is...in a way...china!

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