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I don't know where to start as a reply to your statement... Eating dogs may be disgusting to you, but you eating pork is as disgusting to a Jew or Muslim, or Beef to a Hindu.... It's cultural, and I don't see how you can possibly condemn someone else based on your cultural bias.

The gender gap exists in all countries, but I'd argue that Chinese culture is more gender equal then any other. Now, you are going to point out the one-child policy and families preferring boys. That is true and it does occur and is an issue. However it's an issue caused by external (read: government pressures) forces, that when forced to choose between only a boy or only a girl, people prefer a boy. If there was no external pressure, I'd argue that we wouldn't have this issue. China historically has allowed women to go to school, lead armies, run governments and own property, can you name any other culture as progressive as that? One of the positive affects of the Chinese Communist Revolution was the equalization of the sexes, it was decreed under law. The US has been trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which simply states that "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex" since 1923. The French burned Joan of Arc cause she was a woman and Henry VIII beheaded his wives for not bearing him sons. Come on!

As for slaughtering their own people... it's a frigging dictatorship.. what do you expect? And what about Ireland, it's a democracy and yet you've had a low-level revolutionary war for the past 20-30 years! And you guys are still squabbling, albeit peacefully...

Though on your last point. I'd have to agree, Chinese culture isn't as exotic as it used to be. Thailand, Vietnam, etc.. is the new place to be, which was what I was originally going to say in reply to Kathy's post.

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Here's a thought...

North Americans who live in big cities somewhat already experience part of China. There are many "China Town" communities in cities such as New York, Toronto, etc. These places are often not the cleanest parts of the city, and may scare off the already scared traveller (most of whom only have 2 weeks vacation).

As one member noted, Chinese people are everywhere. I agree that the little communities only give a sample, and that visiting China is definately worth the experience, but these are some reasons why people do not go to China (at least yet).


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Olaf, you're coming across as a bit of a racist there. Woudn't you say that the Irish are eveywhere too? I'm not sure what your point is really. Are you saying that China is taking over the world? Or do you just not like mixed cultures. I could be wrong, but judging by your name I'm guessing you dont exactly come from a long line of Irish blood. ;)

I'm planning on travelling to CHina and Tibet later this year.
To gain access to Tibet I will probably go on the recently established sky train and I am not unaware of the significant of that.
For me, China is a fascinating place with a sort of dual "personality". The Chinese people Ive met have been so gentle and gracious. Chinese literature and film has a beauty to it that I love.
It's hard to think of such a country as a dictatorship.

I'm looking forward to being there, even for a short time, and learning more.

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I really don't know where you're coming from. You've made over 540 posts here, so you obviously like travel. From everything I've observed, the more you travel, the less prejudiced you become.

Perhaps you're the exception? I agree with Lugor79 on most of his points (down to the last two paragraphs, anyway).

As far as reasons to see China, how about thousands of years of continuous history? For instance, you can't see giant Leshan Buddha, carved out of a mountain in 700 BC, in New York's Chinatown. It is so big that people are about as tall as the toes.

There are so many things to see in China that to suggest overseas Chinese communities are all you need to see of China is tantamount to saying that you don't need to see Ireland because you can get Guinness on draft in a lot of places.

I hope that the purpose of your post was to bring others into the conversation. If so, it looks like you've succeeded!



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hi, there,

Though I didn't finish reading all of the posts in this thread, I just way to say: forget those custom that you cannot accept. For eating dogs, I think Korean love to do it more than Chinese. it’s just a personal choice.

No doubt, China is a country worth visiting. I suggest you finish your trip to China in Guangzhou or Hong Kong, which are in the south. You will love the Cantonese cuisine there! The shopping in HK is great with good service.

Hope you will enjoy the trip to China!


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Woo... I just come back to this website for two days. What am I finding out? !

I think firstly I should thank you to have Oslaue's point here ,though the fact that I am not agree with him.
He gives part of the answer to this thread I want. No matter what ,I have get someting from him and learned to know reasons of people don't go to China ,this amazing country. And thank you for all for the points here ! ^^

And actually besides Oslaue, there are still so many people make a misunderstanding point of China. I have talked to some friends abroad,before they come to China,the cognition of China to them is only throught the documentary of Chairman Mao's period or even much more old rough times of China. And no any hierophants to help them to learn why the past was and how China is attracting the world right now. Thus, a poor ,barbarity,unwisdom... nation is what they picture us. Even some of them are from so-call far-developed, high-communication country.They just see a sight of us, and not with the history of our people suffering from the aggression and the reformation of China in 60,70 80's and even right now. Great Great Changes have been taken places in China right now. The goverment puts concentration on the education of every genaration and equalization of woman and man, persists in One Child Policy... Most people get education,they learn to work hard to get a fullfilled life ,and to make our country standing in the forest of nations as right now. Usually when we sit down to talk about the recent China with our clients abroad, their thumb always up and gasps in admiration what a wise nation we are,even can compete with the well-known wised Jew. In history, you can't see any nation like us ,can start a brand new road with so many people and lead well up till now. That's why I am so prond of our country and love our people so much!

What Lugor79=Jie posts threads above are right , I am agree with his speech totally. ^^ Chinese culture isn't as exotic as it used to be .This is one of the reasons why people don't choose here. Even I always walking on the streets of different city, I can find the buildings are in the same style--western like.It seems the goverment forget to put our Chinese route in it,while making a international route , This is the real thing we should care about.China should have our chinese style . Acceptting the good and rejecting the bad! I think we could do it after years . ^^

Good things should be shared with friend ! This is the Chinese slang. China is really a worth place to go !
Enjoy your precious trip in China,guys!


Kathy ^^;)

27. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

in response:

im not racist...its a true and factual point that i made.
chinease? i could be talking about irish, indians, etc...just so happens to be chinease.

people moan about america and that they influence the world as how it should, but if
people really did there research its actually china!

look at south africa? china is about to invest heavly into south africa...the south african
government just saw the money been waved at them, but they also accept that it could
ruin there country if they start to control everything! i dont want to go to south africa knowing
that it is china....i go to south africa to be in south africa not china...im talking in many years
a head that influence will be seen..eg 30-40 years time.

one could say that the irish is taking over the world, they are themselves nortorious for that too!
and i am irish myself and we are everywhere, i am surprised i have not met people that dislike the
irish okay, i once did. and his reasons were because we all drink and we are everywhere! - true point
i will agree. anyone who says anything different is a complete and utter liar! yes there are a few that
dont drink but the majority of irish do drink and like to get smashed. but we are known to work very hard
too when we put our minds to it....i guess the saying is...work hard play harder...and i think that is true
for a lot of irish but not all irish as some are very lazy...as expected.

id like to go to visit china one day, but its not on the top of my priorty list. ive seen many programs about
china, it looks and sounds interesting.

hmmm pork, sorry but no one uses a cow or a pig as a pet...and we are referring to religion now. because that is a religious factor,
im sure if they would love to eat cow if it didnt say it on the paper that they cant. dog is used as a pet and i am sure for
many chinease people they are used for pets...yet lots of people eat them....okay someone will tell me that they keep pigs as pets, cows etc...but that is rare....how can you have
a dog in your front garden running about knowing that your neighbour may kidnap him and use him for stew.

i will tell you why my mum does not go to china...she doesnt like the idea of seeing a live pig chopped up in front of her eyes in the middle of the street,
yes i know ireland kills pigs too but not in the middle of a shopping street...thats the difference.

how about we start eating monkeys and monkey brains? actually they probably eat that out in china! they seem to eat anything and everything!...

china is the biggest killer in terms of elephant tusks...ivory for all there medicines that they use...total gimic!
there is no science behind it! yet they continue to do it...a big money scam, they are the guys responsible for poaching. they pay a lot of money
to kill all beautiful creatures...for what? its not even for there meat either!

what china man wants china man gets.

i love the way someone says 'gender gap exists in all countrys' sorry but i dont see ireland, france germany and
all other eu countrys killing off babies because of there sexuality.
there is no base of argument of choosing between a boy and girl and if i did make a comment on that then everyone
will bash me in this forum...

sorry, but the year is 2007 not 1600!...our days of treating women like objects are over...
if i refer to the past then yes every country did that, so is what people telling me now is that china is living in the past
and many hundred of years behind the rest of the world? i dont think so.

people squabble in ireland.....yes because we are still recovering mentally from a british take over.
we didnt invite them did we? they invited themselves and took over. what happened between ira and british government
proves that terrorism does work. which is really sad. because british government said that they would never negoiate with
terrorists...and now they do...
if america ever wants to win the war on terrorism like bin landin has accepted, they are willing to talk to the americans,
but america wont yet....how the world moves is.....'give a little, get a little'

i have nothing against chinease...they stick to themselves, love there food, and the people that i have met in ireland and uk
are so friendly and nice...okay there is a lot bad that they bring too but thats another story. eg triads and gangs and warfare etc.
but almost all are great people.

i imagine china towns in big citys is probably nothing like what it is in china itself. or one cannot compare the differences.

nope i wasnt born ireland i was bread in ireland, okay does this mean i go back to germany were i was born? believe you me
id love to because at the moment ireland is going down the tube. but germany dont regard me as german, especially since my
father changed his nationality. they see that as a sign of a disgruntled german who turned his back on the country. i think the
the word is betrayed. i cant even get a german passport despite me living there, been born there and having a german birth cert...
why? cos my dad changed his nationality....dont worry, australia made me a perm.

france has the best law in the world that every country should be aware of...'no matter what...once born in france..you are french'

if you know your guinness and i am not a guinness drinker, though the odd pint is acceptable...its true and a fact that the guinness
in ireland tastes no where the same outside ireland...fact! i may as well be drinking ribena juice!

nothing against china...but i like the idea of sitting in a resteraunt and ordering a meal...little known that i am eating someones pet dog.
i did that once too in germany where i ended up eating horse...actually the guy who cooked me it told me it was beef..he lied and i knew
he lied...it was horse, ever tasted horse? its horrible tough meat! forget about the animal...its not even nice meat! and i wouldnt eat horse
again even if it was nice or not...very intelligent creatures.

korea? what i say about china applys to korea...if we are talking about my pet dog.

like i say, i have nothing against china...but yeah i do have a chip on my shoulder against people who eat dog...why dont we eat human?
id be interested more in that then dog...but yeah i forgot..thats illegal in most countrys...probably not though in china.

love me!

and im sorry my prospective way of thinking will still be the same weather i visit china or not...they still eat dog period! they still kill people period...now someone dont tell me that every government kills...i dont see mr bertie o' ahern taking me of the streets...

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One more thing, if I am racist then Europe is racist.

Why does Europe not want turkey to become part of the EU?
As known they do not want turkey because they are a muslim country and are afraid that they would not be able to integrate at all because they are muslim and they still have the death penalty there too! There for everyone in Europe is racist! If some people think I am racist because I talk about a particular nationality.

By the way…the heads of Europe made the above comments.

Why did mr polish president say the other day on tv that been gay is pure evil,
Why does the pope say been gay is evil yet our governments accept it.

I can talk about Indians , irish, brits too if ya like and south Africans!

I have nothing against gays either. But it is wrong, I recognise it but it doesn’t mean I have to accept it.

People say that is wrong about gays etc…but not so long ago, been gay was a bad person. And now we are told its okay been gay.

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OLAF - you are going TOTALLY OFF TOPIC HERE - the thread is about visiting CHINA - not about Homophobia or the dog eating habits of other countries. Yes l know you were responding in your own special way to posts but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF MY SANITY and to save me using my shiny delete buttons

KEEP THE THREAD ON TOPIC................

Nuff said. Heather

30. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

i exploited the topic in my own way.

the question was '"Why not go to China ?"' and i gave my reasons, because my dog is on someones plate.

others went of the topic so i reacted, if i refer to other countrys this means that i am going of the topic? because it is not specific to china but specific that germans eat horse? im sharing an experience that would be similar to me eating dog in china. if that is called going of the topic then everyone is guilty in tp...including the admins...yes i talked about other stuff...if i talk about china government does this mean i am going of the topic because it is to do with politics? but the topic does say "Why not go to China ?" so this can involve anything and everything.

yah...end of of my topic...everyones opinion and prospective is different.

i thought tp was about sharing experiences and encounters...

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