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From Mallorca (SPAIN)
I need some help;

I have a ticket from spain towards Sydeney for February and one year for travel.

I go alone and my idea is to know a little soon Australia and NZ

My idea is to make surf and for that reason I would like to know were're the best places for suf near Sydney or in the east coast of Australia.
I don't have plans but I would like to go to NZ but i don't know wath's the best season to go there.

It is easy to obtain cheap tickets from Australia:Brisbane or Sydney to Indonesia or Pacific Islands like Fiji, Papua Guinea, Salomon….?or is better to find some boomerang pass or multy city ticket...
wath time of the year is the best for travel to Indonesia?

thanks and sorry for my English

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you are going have a great time and get some beautiful waves.

New zealand is good. I can not tell you about the seasons there, you will have to find that out for yourself.
I recomend one way tickets, not boomerarng pass. Becuase if you get to a place that you like and do not want to leave it is best not to have an ongoing ticket.
Buy a van, or an old car if you can. It is the best way to travel to surf spots for aust and new zealand. You can camp out of your car. Lots of camping at the surf spots.
have a good time
Muchas seurte,

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top surf places on the east coast..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
there's so many...BONDI....MANLY....BYRON BAY...NOOSA....GOLD COAST.
i'd try them all......
have fun.

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torquay is also on the East Coast, but a fair distance south from gold coast Byron and Sydney.

Torquay is home to some of the worlds best surf beaches, Bells beach being the standout

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check out for a list of breaks etc

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Hi dude,

Definitly check out RAGLAN, on NZ's west coast, its about a 40 minute drive from Hamilton, and has some of the best left breaking waves in the world. Ask for a place called 'Manu Bay'.