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11. Posted by Mohammad_Amir (Inactive 160 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


and what abt sky-bridge on petronas towers?? i hear you have to be there early morning to get atop..... is it so?

is there any place for bunje in malaysia?


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I'd much prefer Cameron Highlands than Genting. If you think you'd like amusement parks, casinos more, Genting is the choice. Otherwise, Cameron Highlands for stawberry farms, rice, tea plantations and fresh flowers. I enjoyed myself loads when I was in Cameron Highlands. If you have the time, head up to Perak. There is a limestone cave which you can visit.

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we had no problems getting to the sky bridge @ petronas.
They issue time-tokens and you just need to showup at the correct time

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Quoting rola_jutt

and what abt sky-bridge on petronas towers?? i hear you have to be there early morning to get atop..... is it so?

The pass to the Petronas Twin Towers skybridge is not that hard to get. However, the queue can be very long during peak season. If you go during a low season, you can go up almost immediately, come down, and go up again without much waiting.


Skybridge Visits
The Skybridge of PETRONAS Twin Towers is open to public visits since May 2000. Admission is free, although visitors have to queue up for tickets.
Visiting hours are from 9 am to 7 pm daily except Mondays.

Visit Information
Visit Days: Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Monday)
Visit Hours: From 9 am to 7 pm (closed for Friday Prayer from 1pm to 2:30pm)

Issuance of Tickets
From 8:30 am daily except Monday

Source: Petronas Twin Towers

If you're coming before March, be there early, preferably before 8am if you want to book the time you want.

is there any place for bunje in malaysia?

Well, not exactly those that you jump down, but it's a reverse bungy by AJ Hackett. It is located at the KL Tower. The first ride costs MYR60, and you'll be given an AJ Hackett membership card. Subsequent rides at KL Tower will be HALF PRICE, and every 4th one is FREE. You can get also get a 20% discount for other AJ Hackett experiences around the world when you present the membership card. In case you're wondering, no, I don't work for AJ Hackett. :)

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thanks n hugz ...

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I travelled malaysia and i thought it was great..

In Kuala Lumpar the 'star town inn' was a wicked place to stay.

just a short walk from the centre and a really nice place and quite cheap. They will also store your luggage for you if you wanna leave some (like i did for a month whilst i set off and backpacked the country)

Petaling street in Malaysia is a must...the hustle and bustle is it and you'll read more.

ALso is KL visit the petronas towers.....

and go up the sky towers its like the 4th tallest in the world the view is great.

Oh and take a day trip to see the ''batu caves''

again google will give you more info there.

You can travel across to The east coast of Malaysia...(white sands and palm trees) and visit the turtle sanctuary in Quantan. You dont have to pay you just go there see how they bury the eggs which are laid on the beach and when the baby turtles hatch they release them out to see when 1week old. When we went, they gave us a buketfull of baby turts to release back into the sea,they all waddled down to the sea like it was a race. Then we waited up allnight to see the incredable sight of a turtle coming on the beach to lay its eggs.

Kuala Terrenganu was also an interesting town.on the north east coast. A local woman and her husband took us out into the wild and showed us fields full of wild buffalos, and to a farmer who trains his monkeys to climb the coconut trees and bring the coconuts back down...that was cool to see.

Tourism in East malaysia i found was virtually non existant, no travel agents,NOTHING.we were just lucky to come across the local couple who took us about!

So yeah malaysia has loads to offer and thats just two places in malaysia!! busses were good and cheap between places, and easy to book, just head for the local bus station it was all quite easy.

If you want more info on anything just ask cus u wont find it when ure there! (apart from the kuala lumpur stuff)


17. Posted by Budai (Respected Member 506 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

id agree with artichoke. cameron highlands has more to offer than genting - besides i think u get much better amusement parks where most of u come from, so dont bother unless you have to go to a casino in malaysia... genting is just rides and crowds, and believe me it does get very crowded especially during the school vacations, which are like mid march and june. on the other hand, cameron is days and days of peace and tranquility on top of the highlands, almost isolated from the world. anything you want, you can get it fmr the small community of brinchang at the highlands - i thought it was pretty neat - almost didnt feel like malaysia. i would think it is a refreshing change from the perhentians/pangkor etc....

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Quoting mayessa

if you are thinking of shopping, might as well go to singapore... but i heard that shopping in malaysia is quite cheap.. because in singapore you are buying for branded stuff...

anyway, i will be touring the two countries and would like to ask for any assistance. how will we go from malaysia to singapore...

can you guys detail of the bus ride from malaysia to sing? how much will it cost us...

tips for places to go in malaysia... KL specifically!

thanks a bunch.

it depends which part of malaysia you will be leaving from.
ipoh to KL, 3hrs (RM 27)
if from KL to S'pore, 5-6hrs.
if from ipoh to Sg, 8hrs.

Depends on which part of malaysia you're starting from, but i suggest bus trips all the way, in this manner, u can travel from state to state.

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guys if its not too much... will you also recommend a budget hotel in KL...

i will recomment RELC International Hotel if you need one in Singapore.. its at the back of Shang Singapore.. when we stayed there they even upgraded our accomodation without the added payment... hehehe

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For this year, the Malaysia has promoted visit malaysia year (50th year nation), there are many big activity such as F1. But for Singapore, also have many new attraction to go and now booming.