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My friend has a drug record from 4 years ago, but wants to go to school in Czech republic, or Poland. Is he going to be able to get a student visa once accepted? Are there any european countries that are liberal enough to grant a student visa to a Canadian with a drug offense? It is his one and only offense.

Any input with regards to this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks all.

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Hello eden

If it was 4 years ago, are u sure it is still on his record? How old was he, 4 years ago? I dont think they put things permanently on records of very young people.
If he is sure it is on his record, he could call the consulates for advise about the rules on this, and getting student visas. But i dont see how something from as long as 4 years ago can effect his getting the visa.


3. Posted by eden_to (Budding Member 4 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

He was 23 then, 27 now, and definitely has a drug record. It was serious possession. His record will show 2003 conviction that ends in 2006. Three year sentence, although he only served 6 mnths. He d like to start sept 2007 in czech rep or poland.......

Can he get a student visa? Will they even know if he s attending school without a student visa? Can he go a school yr without being asked for a student visa?

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Hello Eden

When i applied for my student work permit, to go to Canada, i had to give a letter from the police showing if i had a criminal record or not.
I think u could ask for the forms, to apply for the student permit, and then u will see if one of the requirements is to provide a police record. Maybe they wont even ask. Or maybe they wont turn him down, for the visa, since his sentence will be over, this year.

But if he has to hand over any money, before being accepted for the visa, i would phone the consulate to ask if he can still get a visa, even when he has a criminal record. Surely, they will give him an answer, to this.

But i dont think Poland or the Czech Republic are particularly strict countries, about letting people in.


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I wouldn't be holding my breath though.

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Very kind, everyone's giving you his or her 2 cents. The only way of making sure, though, is asking the appropriate authorities, in this case the consulate of the country he plans to go study. Check this website for the Czech consulate in Montreal, and this one for the Polish embassy.

ps: Mel, for the record, former Warszaw pact countries as a general rule are VERY strict in enforcing their immigration policies. They have to, their newly acquired/imminent EU membership requires it


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