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Hey all

Im going to oz in june 2007 flying with a friend but pretty much on my own when i get there... as a first time traveller have a few questions..

how easy is it to find work? i will need to work cause wont have enough £££'s to travel the whole time, so im hoping for bar or waitressing work. also - when i applied for a visa it declined as i dont have £2,200 in my bank...do u actually need this? is it true u have to show proof of this in ure account when u arrive? as i was planning on bring £1500 but will be getting my last wage from my job at home while im there so that will be bring me up to just over the £2k mark.

advice is welcomed !

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Hi there where you from? I planning on flying to oz at the start of June as well. Doing it all alone and im very scared! Where did you apply for your visa? I went to www.immi.gov.au and i had it filled in online within 15 mins and had confirmation the enxt day that i had the visa.

You will find this site very useful, im new to this as well and have been given alot of good advice so far. dont be affriad to ask questions, even ones you think are silly. trust me ive asked them and there is always someone who can help you out!

Gillian x

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Hi there,

Yes you do need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself when you get there (for at least a little while) so you won't be claiming any public funds. If they have alreayd rejected you once, then i would make sure you have more cash in your account when you apply next! (perhaps you could borrom some money from family/friends for your visa application?!). When you arrive in Australia, you should bring a bank statement with you just in case they ask you for proof of funds.

In terms of work, it obviously depends where you are! For hospitality work I would head to Sydney or Melbourne - and you shouldn't have much difficulty picking something up in the middle of the year (Sydney hospitality scene hots up majorly in September in the lead up to Xmas). -snip-

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Hey! I'm going by myself too in April. I'm not going to have £2000 when I arrive...I'm getting my parents to put the money in my bank before I leave then I can print off a statement to take with me to oz and give my parents their money back! :) I have friends that have done this with no bother. If you apply online you just have to tick a box or something to say that you have the funds I think?? Not sure about this as Ive not applied yet (doing it this week).

I've found a place called Emerald Backpackers near Melbourne which seems nice. Does anybody know anything about this place or ever been there?? I mailed them to see about work availability and they replied very quickly to tell me that they have work all year round...so I might be taking a trip there when my funds run low :)

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i applied for a visa on www.immi.gov.au but i dont remember giving any bank details to them (only my credit card to pay for the application). do they take this as your only source of money because my money would be in my other account

whats the maximum time i should wait before contacting them as i've not heard anything for a while?

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