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I'm staying in BA until the middle of January and then hoping to take the trip into Iguazu and then head (by bus?) into Brazil a day or two later. Thing is I would ideally like to go straight up to Campo Grande for the Pantanal trip - but I think I'll need to go to Rio/SP first and back out again....does anyone know how this could be done?

I'll be travelling alone and on a budget so keen to get any advice on planning this trip ahead to save worries!

Ideally, I guess I'd like a tour to do the whole lot with - possibly expensive but a safe option and then I'd like to head to Rio and up the coast...

Sennacat XX

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This question has been asked before; but, the best thing you can do is ask around at the Foz do Iguacu bus terminal. If I remember correctly, there is a direct connection to Campo Grande with one of the bigger companies. At any rate, there is no need to travel to the coast first, and then back west; if this itinerary involves changing busses, there are options to do so at, for instance, Pte Prudente.


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Going from Foz do Iguaçu to the Pantanal is easy.
Take the bus at the rodoviaria straight to Corumbà. If there is no bus directly to Corumbà, take the bus to Dourados and in Dourados you can change for Corumbà.

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Is Corumba the best place to do trips into the Pantanal from then?
Cos I should be getting the 'death train' to there from Bolivia in about May time. Is that an alrite time to do excursions into the Pantanal?

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Yes, Corumbà is one of the best places to enter the Pantanal. All good places are situated along the old road from Corumbà to Miranda.
"Passo do Lontra" is another good place for making trips in the Pantanal;
In Corumbà city center, you will find a lot of companies who make trips in the Pantanal. Discuss very well what is included and what not.
May is a good period to visit the Pantanal.

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hey, i actually just got back from brazil, and i did this trip. there are two bus companies that leave from the "rodoviaria"-central bus station in Foz Do Iguacu(brazilian side) to campo grande. it is a 14 hour bus trip, my bus trip consisted of two parts, foz to cascaval, about 2-4 hours, the they stop for dinner/lunch and switch you to a new bus for the rest of the way.
If you ask at tourist information at the rodoviaria they will tell you which companies go. have fun both the falls and the pantanal are amazing!!!

as far as the pantanal, unless you are an extrene nature buff 3 days is just fine and brng lots of repellent, otherwise you it is absolutely a amazing!!!
good luck let me know if you need anymore info.

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It is NOT necessary to go by bus from Foz do Iguaçu to Campo Grande for making trips in the Pantanal!
You can go by bus directly to Corumbà. This bus passes Miranda if you want to enter the Pantanal there (to Passo do Lontra). You leave the bus at "Buraco das Piranhas" and take a bus to Passo do Lontra.
Eventually you have to change in Cascavel and then via Dourados to Corumbà