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1. Posted by Blossy (Budding Member 7 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone!

I'm in Paris for 2 days in March, which is a short time to see a place so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to see during my short stay, during the day (sight seeing etc) and at night, (clubs that are open late and such).

Cheers ,

Bloss x

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Hi Blossy,

Mmmm..Paris in 2 days, tough one for me. An obvious one, is the Eiffel Tower, Montmere (dunno how to spell, but it is the place where the painters are), Basilique Sacre Coer (the white church on the hill), Arc de Tromphe (you can go up it via the steps, I know some people don't know about that), Louvre (if you are interested in art), Notre Dame. Oh, and you can go to a Moulin Rouge show, if you are into theatre.

Versailles is also really nice to see but you would need a day for that. If you planned carefully you may fit all the above in and still manage to go to Versailles.

You can go up the Eiffel late in the day and still see everything at dusk. Don't know when the sun goes down in March tho, I was there in June, so the weather, I assume was slightly different!

Thats all I can pretty much think of!


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You don't have much time, but a backpackers favorite is the Catacombs. Millions of Parisian skeletons and burials all under the city. Only open Tue through Sat though, so plan accordingly. The previous suggestions were great, just keep all the time you will be spending on the Metro in mind. Try to get a metro map early to learn it and make moving about much easier. Momantre (spelling of course) is the best view of Paris, and I would TOTALLY suggest it. Happy Travels

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I did Paris in two days, and though it can be tough, there's a lot you can see. Of course do the obvious, but there are other things you can hit up to. If you have the money, the Moulin Rouge is a must. Also, if you're into art, get a museum pass. It costs about 18 euro and lets you jump the lines of most museums free of admission. If you're interested in how I approached my two days, check out my blog

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That will be great time in Paris for you. I would have a sighseeing tour by bus to have a first view over the city. It will take two or three hours but you will have a bearing where places are situated and if it will be possible to visit them during your two days.

Have fun and a great time... :)

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6. Posted by Blossy (Budding Member 7 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thank you all for your suggestions, I'm especially intrigued by the catacombs and will definatly check them out!


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2 days is really tough so to make the most out of it I strongly advice:
-Eiffel Tower, 3rd floor, just before sunset.
-Take a walk on Concorde-Champs-Elysee up to Arc de Triomphe.
-Notre Dame-St.Michel area
-Sightseeing tour by bus is a good option which will save you time.

I would say forget about the museums, you don't have time. Don't spend much time inside any building, you have to walk and stay outside to see paris.

8. Posted by MarcnRoxy (Budding Member 24 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I would like to also suggest taking a bike tour. We did it with Fat Tire Bike Tours. They have a web sight with all there info. We met at the Eiffel and it was approx 5 hour tour. We saw sooooo much, stopped in an outdoor cafe in a park and had lunch etc.... Our guide was the coolest guy with a head full of dreads, his name was River. I totally suggest asking for him if you do take the tour. It was the most fun thing we did while in Paris.