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im planning my first rtw trip in march next yr and need some advice about backpacks/travelpacks!Sorry i know you probably get this question alot :)

I've been and tried quite a few different packs on but cant make up my mind!I think i prefer travel packs (easier to pack/find stuff in a hurry) and the best designed one (well for my needs!) is the Vango Vango Planet Traveller 55+20S (Womens fit) but the problem is i cant find any reviews of ppl who own one and have used them :( i know im probably being a snob but it seems to me how can something be so good when its so cheap (at least compared to berghaus, karrimor etc)

anyone have one?

other than that i quite like the berghaus Jalan (i think is 55l + 15 daysac) as is v comfy to wear (i actually bought one and filled it up at home cos millets didnt have any weights!) but took it back as was not entirely convinced!

ive heard good reviews about osprey, macpac etc but i cant find any shops that stock them near me so is a bit of a problem trying them on!!i did quite like karrimor but now everytime i go in to look at them they all seem to have diff back-systems and plus have heard some bad rumours that they dont make v good products since they were taken over a few years back but dont know if that is true!

so basically im looking for a good travelpack around 50-60 litres, not overly fussed about daysacs but want something comfy and not-too-expensive which has well designed space inside (e.g different compartment for dirty socks and smelly shoes!)

any advice welcome esp regarding vango backpacks!


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I am not too familiar with Vango packs but the best advice I can give you is to go to a store and try it on. Have the person in the store fill the pack with some weights so you can get a proper fit. You may try the Vango pack on and find in uncomfortable. Try a range of packs. As far as the quality and pack that offers a life time guarantee is a goood sign of a quality. Definately try the pack on then if you choose look online for a better deal.

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Thanks for the advice boreal! i guess comfort is probably what i should be lookin for!
I have tried on the Vango and it is pretty comfy but also its quite a bit heavier than other packs....does that make a difference?I think the berghaus ones are the most comfortable so far....

Let me know what packs you have when you reply, i want to know what ppl are using, i mean i know its a personal choice but if lots of ppl have the same thing then i guess its gotta be good

also does anyone know if vango are a british company?just wondering if thats why they're not well known?i know they make good tents...but then again i dont need a tent i need a backpack

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I personally have a dana design LTW pack. It is an incredible pack for its size and comfort level but it is rather expensive. I highly recommend it if it is in your budget. Other packs to look at are Lowe Alpine, Osprey, Gregory, or Kelty. They are good solid packs. Again comfort is the most important. Hope this helps a bit. Brent