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I am planning to do the Caratera (ending ing El Calafata) next week and was wondering if anyone could offer advice on some cheap travel options. I am in Barriloche this week (after having done some fabulous hikes), and will be making my way down to Tierra del Fuego eventually. I am traveling with two other people and we have been a little put off by the prices. We would prefer not to go by bus, being able to stop wherever we like to do a small hike or take some pictures, but renting a car/jeep is alot of money (unless we have been looking in the wrong plces). The best option so far we found is through a private company that will take us for $410 pesos per person, plus $85 if we want the cave of hands (of course!). Can any experienced trekkers recommend something better, or is everything expensive. Thanks

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Hi Adam;

What should be Caretera?

And where are Calafata or Barriloche?
There are new towns in the country!!!

If you are trying to get some help, at least, you should write the right names... including the city where you're in this moment!

What you feel if I go to you country and ask for Tila Biba city or Johnadan river?

About yor question:Argentina is one of the less expensive countries
in South America. If you're only looking for spend less
than this and you don't want to take bus... try walking!!

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Moderator comment: Please think twice and type once. I realize mispellings can be an annoyance, but they are not the important issue. The request for information is the main thrust and thoughtful replies are appreciated. Rudeness accomplishes little. Thank you in advance for everyone's cooperation.

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Boooster, please accept my excuses for being...him so rude...
Hope you find people more friendly in my country
Spelling mistakes in a language that you havn´t learnt...it is at least expectable.
I am sorry I can´t help you with this matter, but perhaps it can be useful for you if I explain your mistakes, rather than getting anoyed because of them...
It is not caratera, but carretera. Here in Argentina it is more common to call them ruta.
The correct spelling for the cities is: El Calafate, Bariloche,

Please excuse my poor english...

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Quoting juanka

Wow, that was a bit nasty and uncalled for juanka!

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Quoting juanka

Dear Niel:

I don't speak about the history of your Damm (made by an argentine hidraulic engineer) or how to buy your cheap cars in Utrecht' Veeemarkt,
Meantime... keep cool.

Hm. Juanka, you probably remember this reply you put in another thread; before even considering criticising others, best first get your own orthography right :)

That said, I've only done the northern bit of ruta 40, so I wouldn't really know about the south. I've heard though that, in spite of recent renovations, the road surface is still in pretty bad shape, so driving yourself is probably not such a good idea, even more so because the bulk of traffic are heavy trucks, people wisely choosing to go by bus.

I also know that there is a tourist company offering adventure tours between El Calafate and Puerto Natales; they have an office in El C, maybe that's something to your liking. Otherwise, I guess you'd be cheapest off when going by bus; I don't see the added value of a privately rented jeep unless they'll stop as much as you want them to (which is probably not what THEY had in mind :))


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Gam... Slija !!

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I apologize for the spelling, I didn´t think it was that far off from what it should of been. I´m not even going to warrant juanka´s post with a reply. That being said, I have found argentinians to be much more friendly and helpful when it comes to mistakes than him (I think now of the woman in the farmacia I tried to explain my inner thigh chaffing to after a two day trek through the rain; ¨dolor entre mis piernas¨ with some hand motions... ahh classic), but it takes all kinds I guess.

I still haven´t figured out how I´ll be getting to El Calafate, but I have decided to postpone that decision a week... The weather this week hasn´t been the best and it is starting to clear up so I will be heading to San Martin de los Andes and over into Chile for a few days, and some nice treks, and will end up doing ruta 40 next sunday. I´ve heard too many amazing stories about ruta 40 to do it by bus... I guess I´ll have to keep looking to find the best price. Thanks for all your replies, and if anyone does happen to know any other options, I´ll be checking up on this in a few days.

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