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so is anyone in fiji now or have they just returned from a visit (after the coup)?

what's the verdict? go or don't go?
much contradicting information out there so I would like to hear from someone/anyone who is there now on holiday, or just returned.

i'm planning to go for 10 days in mid february and would not like to cancel if things are in fact safe and in place from a tourist standpoint.

hungrey for real information,

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Not to sure about how things are going there now but I was in Fiji a few years ago and there was political instability there then. Mainly in and around Suva. I would always check any travel warnings with your country's travel advisory website (google it). If you are heading to one of the island groups you should be ok. I would check first. When I went I stayed on Waya Island in the lower Yasawa group at Octopus Resort (prior to the new renovation) and it was incredible. I would definatley go if you possibly can.

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heh there
i was supposed to be there now, and my travel agent cancelled my trip...stating that there company was not letting anyone go there...so instead I have ended up in Hawaii....which is pretty damn good alternative if u ask me!!!


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hi, i was in fiji around 3 weeks ago when the coup was going on and aprt from suva everything was fine although there was clearly something brewing, the islands should be safe as they are just filled with tourists/backpackers and staff and i think it is only really suva and the more built up parts of the mianland that you need to be careful of.
I think the situation is getting worse though but i would contact feejee experience (which i went on and was fantastic) if you want to go to the main island.

Fiji is a must go place though, i absolutely loved it there!:)