border crossing as easy as it sounds?

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basically is crossing the border as easy as arriving in a bus at one side walking accross the border and getting on a bus at the other? sounds weird.

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oh yeah,
im travelling from thailand to laos (huay xai) and from laos to vietnam (by flight i think) and from vietnam to cambodia (?) and from cambodia back into thailand (?)
just so you know!

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The only crossing that is not 'on arrival' is the Laos-VN one. You will need to a VN visa in Laos before flying or crossing via land. There is a way to get a VN visa 'on arrival' if flying into HaNoi or HCMC, but it will cost you an additional fee of $30. I doubt that it is worth it for you. Let one of the travel shops in Vientiane get it for you. Good Luck.

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Further to Mike's comments, you can go yourself to the Vietnamese embassy in Vientiane and get your visa from there - it tends to be slightly cheaper than getting an agent to do it and it takes around 3 days.

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Quoting jennygro

basically is crossing the border as easy as arriving in a bus at one side walking accross the border and getting on a bus at the other?

Yes, assuming that you already have any visa's that you need, it is that simple. You show up, you get in line to check out of the country you were in, they give you an exit stamp, you walk (or boat)across the border, fill out a little form, get in line at the entrance booth, they stamp your passport, and away you go. It usually takes under 20 minutes.

I suppose if you don't have the right visas, if you've overstayed your welcome in that last country, or if the immigration officer is really bored, than things can be more complicated, but its usually pretty straight forward.

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can you not just get your visas at the border? and if not where do you get them from for the next country?

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hi Jenny,

For Thailand you do not need a visa in advance. you can get your visa for Laos at the border if you are crossing at the Chiang khong/Huay Xai border point (you can organise packages in Chiang Mai which include transport, visa, one night's accommodation in Chiang Khong and 2 day boat trip to Luang Prabang.) A Laos visa at the border will give you 15 days; if you want any longer than this you must apply at a Laos embassy in advance. You must get you Vietnam visa in advance as already mentioned in previous posts. If you're travelling from South Vietnam/Saigon into Cambodia you can get your visa at the border - there is no advantage to getting it in advance as its an easy process at the border checkpoint.

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Hi Jenny, you can get a 30 day visa for laos on the border when you cross. costs depend on your nationality. laos is beautiful, i had 4 weeks there. if you want to go from laos to cambodia the visa is also available at the border crossing in cambodia. pete

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i got no experience on south east asia yet! im virgin!!!

when republic of ireland and northern ireland had a border is was a right pain!!!

canada and america have a bored and its a right pain!!!

why will it be anywhere different?

if it comes down to visa requirements! then i am sure it will be a pain! pain no gain!

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In the travel I did in South East Asia overland, it was slightly more painful than going by plane, but still not too painful. When crossing from Vietnam-Cambodia (doing a Mekong Delta tour by boat), it was a bit painful having to wait around for the visa to be issued for well over an hour. This was mainly because I went on this amazing 3 day 2 night tour through the Mekong Delta from Saigon-Phnom Penh, and the guide took every persons passport up and got the visa done at one time. So she had like about 15 people to get visas issued on arrival for at the one time. If I had of not been on that tour and done it myself, then it probably wouldn't have had much of a wait seeing it would have just been one getting done, but the whole experience of Vietnam-Cambodia wouldn't have been the same without the tour which was dirt cheap and available from any of the numerous travel shops in Saigon.

To get the visa for Vietnam, you'll need to go to a Vietnamese embassy in some place as you are getting close to wanting to enter Vietnam. On my application form which I sent in by mail to the embassy in Australia, I needed to include proof of onward travel, and seeing I had a plane ticket from Phnom Penh-Bangkok on dates within 30 days of arrival in to Vietnam, I was able to prove that I planned on departing within the visa period. Thailand was very quick and easy for the visa on arrival. I haven't been to Laos, but many people have said it is very easy for the visa on arrival and it costs $30US.

Oslaue, with the comment you made about Canada and America, one thing you've got to realise is that America is run by the biggest f***wit that is known to be living on this earth who is intent on screwing up the world like him and his government have succeeded in doing to America since 9/11. He will do anything and everything in his power, to make any person dealing with American immigrations feel like they are getting treated like a terrorist and a bad person going to prison with all this bullshit fingerprinting and photo taking stuff. He wants peoples immigrations experiences to drag on and on and on for as long as possible to piss everybody waiting in line for hours at any major airport in the US or Canada without you getting quite to the point where you say "forget about it I wont give you any more of my f***ing money than I already have by paying to get here". Places in South East Asia have got a huge amounts to lose from not having loads of foreign tourists coming to their country, so they want your business instead of wanting to piss you off with giving you shit loads of hassels. Seeing it is so easy and cheap to get to numerous countries around the region, the government wont want to muck a tourist about as much as America and Canada do, because unlike that area where it's either one or the other, it's not hard to get to somewhere which would do anything for your business. I assume that with Ireland and Northern Ireland, it would have been a lot to do with hatred between the North and the rest of Ireland in the times where the IRA had big EGO's and were a big problem on society. That's if that enormous fence I saw in an area of Belfast which is more than 10 metres tall in a suburban area is anything to go by.

Places like Vietnam and Cambodia are heavily reliant on tourism, and if tourists get pissed off and dont spend up well then they'll end up further back in the stone age than they already still are.