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Shm mae ppl wondering if anyone can suggest some god hostels to stay at in oz/nz gonna be travelling all around so some first hand knowledge would be much appreciated


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My mates looking to do Aussie and we found to be really good. Its got heaps of HI hostels all around Oz and it offers travel deals as well. Have a look it might help with ideas.
On a side note what is Shm mae ppl? Is that Welsh or is it an abbreviation I'm just not getting? What does it mean?:)
Good luck with your travel
Ka Kite

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I actually found it better to just go around town a bit when you get there and see what's available for what price. Most backpacker places are pretty well advretised in backpacker magazines, and on buses provided by each hostel. For example, up in Airlie Beach I stayed at a place called "Reefo's" based on their advertising beds for $12 a night. The quality there was fantastic so I definately recommend it!


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Wouldn't be so keen on going back to Reefo's myself. Although cheap, we arrived and they put us in (what we thought) was a very nice room. Then this Scottish guy wanders over to shack, pulls up his sleeve and shows us the most hideously bedbug bitten arm. Apparently, he'd been in the room the night before, the staff had moved him after he complained and they said they'd have it spray which would take TWO DAYS.

Well, they stuck us in there the night after. After sleeping on the floor, we complained, they weren't at all sympathetic only offering to wash all our belongings to get rid of the bugs.

You get what you pay for.

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Bedbugs are a real issue at the moment on the East Coast, and some of the hostels in Airlie Beach have real problems, of which Reefo's is one . . .so watch out!!

Suggest you always keep your packs in bin bags when staying in cheap places, so at least then you don't pick them up! Inner sleep sheets are also a good idea to have with you!

Airlie waterfront Hostel was ok, no bed bugs when i was there in April/May.

Generally YHA hostels are ok, but watch the sizes . . big hostels can be very impersonal and more of an effort is required to make friends especially if you are travelling alone.

Hope this is helpful


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Forgot to say . . . turning up in a town and looking round the various hostels is a good idea, not only for checking out the best deals but also to check out the facilities and rooms. However if you are travelling at height of season (ie summer!) then you may find that there are no rooms available at the inn . . so at that time of the year you may wish to book the first night in advance and then explore options. . .

I also recommend checking out what other customers have said . .in NZ BBH is the best option and their ratings are sually spot on (although had one disaster in Fox Glacier!).

Having said all of this, I always booked in advance and occasionally I stayed in really plush places just for the hell of it. All bookings were made using guidebooks or internet or the various organisations booklets. Sometimes I had a great deal and a great place, and others . .well cleanliness and/or fellow room mates just were not up to scratch! Still it all added to the experience, and made the trip what it was . . .

So have fun!