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Sidney located on Australia's southeastern coast, and Sydney harbour, a bustling expanse of pleasure craft, cruise boats, passenger and freight ships, as well as ferries and rivercats which carry people to and from the city and the surrounding harbour and riverside suburbs. Be sure to visit two of Sydney’s famous landmarks, the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, which you can even climb if you’re brave enough! No visit to Sydney is complete without getting some sand between your toes at famous Bondi Beach.
Melbourne is a cosmopolitan, suburban, cultivated, conservative and an avant-garde haven. Visitors come for its shopping, restaurants, nightlife and international sporting calendar which features tennis, golf, formula-one motor racing, horse racing, cricket and other events. Each Autumn and winter, weekends are dedicated to watching Australian Rules football, which most "Melbourne-ites" do with great passion. The city has a high Greek population, and prides itself on hosting great events and embracing all things stylish.

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Sydney weather is pretty overrated if you ask me. I went to Sydney in summer and it rained for 3 days straight. Melbourne for weather. Obviously a lot of people have not visited the coast of Melbourne. I choose Melbourne for beaches, we have got St.Kilda beach and we have also got the GREAT OCEAN ROAD! Ring a bell? Beat that, Sydney.

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This doesn't really help the person out choosing where to live with most of the childish threads below like, "beat that sydney nah nah melbourne is better" ... sheeeesh that's not a great way to portray both cities to domestic and international travelers.

I'm a Melbourne boy but chose to move up to Sydney 8 years ago because of opportunities and family, both cities are totally different from each other and have got something to offer for the discerning traveler.

Sydney has more of an outdoor scenery with its' natural beauty of the harbour and beaches. Sydney beaches are only 15-20mins from the city, Sydney has great secluded beaches you can either head North or South, both destinations are great.

If you want to know more, follow the URLS and it will provide you explicit details for both Cities and what it has to offer.

Good Luck mate

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I don't know which part of CA you're from, so it would be hard to compare. I lived in San Clemente, Orange County for just over a year so I'd have to say Sydney's beach suburbs are more like those just north of San Diego. I cannot think of anything that compares in Melbourne.

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ok my friend just came back from sydney and he tells me that the coffee in sydney is absolutely the worst!
So im wondering how bad can it be?? is it really that horrible?

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You can get coffee anywhere in the world that is terrible.
If you are after beaches you can't beat QLD, but given that's not the options Sydney beaches in my opinion are better. Cogee would be a favourite. Bondi is over rated.

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I have lived in both Melbourne and Sydney
and i have to be honest Sydney doesn't have a great nightlife like they say they do its boring little pubs like you would find at a country bar
yes the sydney harbour bridge and the opera house is great for (tourism) but when you live in sydney its boring driving on the bridge is just like any other city driving on the sydney harbour or the west gate. Sydney doesn't want anything to do with sport other than the rugby which is just a waist of time. Water views perfect, rip off houses rip off food drinks (everything) but i have to admit the beaches are wonderful. But Sydney public transport is the worst in Australia! trying to be the number one city double decker trains ok yes its good but the quality of train i could grab a steam train out and look better.
I would say Melbourne wins
Melbourne has the culture, cafes and resturants capital of Australia. Fashion industiry the nations capital of wine.
Melbourne holds the AFL Grand final, Caufield Cup Cox Plate and the Melbourne Cup, the Grand prix, Australian Open, Australian Masters
(Tiger Woods) Sergio Garcia and Camillo Villegas. And dont forget next year the 2011 presidents cup. Motor cross and voted Worlds greatest sporting city multiple times.
Melbourne has trams, not monirals and Buses taking up the whole city blocking off traffic having bus lanes on pretty much every street which is a rip off and stupid. We have to observation decks The highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere the Eureka Tower and the riolto tower.

So my vote Melbourne wins only just because i was just sick of living in sydney wasting my money on everything living on parramater river being rich to neally broke now in melbourne i can have my money back and not worry about being one of those (many) hobos in sydney.
Melbourne is a peiceful city with Australians in the city and not Asians in your whole city taking up every single path and roadway and sydney drivers cant drive they always come to melbourne and brake the road rules and cut off cars and turn were ur not suppose 2
Melbourne! wooooooow

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Heyy!! I'm thinking about moving to Australia for over 3 months ( July, August and September) to study english and work there just to help me to pay my stay but i have a big dilema refered with where i would like to live in. I though first Sidney was the best option as it is the capital of Australia and i though it could offer a lot to do so i wouldnt get bored while living there but...i wasn't sure so i started to look for something else and I ended up in Melbourne.

Then i read a bit about it and i found it could maybe be better for a young person to live there, so reading your last post (Petter) I would aprecciate a lot if you could answer me or give me a bit more of information about both cities. My intention is to be living in one of them for two months and finish my trip travelling around Austrtalia's nature and beauty for a month.

Thank you so much!:)