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1. Posted by CoaletteP (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I need some major help on destinations and beaches and attractions in fl.. We have some areas picked out but need some reviews and respons on these locations!!!

Me and my boyfriend are going to fl in July to visit a friend in Orlando. We want to be on the beach!! So we are concluding to..
1- Clearwater
2- Daytona
3- Cocoa Beach

Which one is better out of all of those? I like white sand and blue water ( but I can handle yeloow sand) I would like the beach to be clean. And alot of things to do. I am 22 my boyfriend is 26 so we are still young we would like to be some where it is crowded but to much.

Which of those have the best night clubs? We like dance music. shopping.

And also where on the beaches should we get our hotel? Like the areas (north, south, ) addy examples..
Because I remember I went to Daytona awhile ago and I think we were at the end of the beach where there really was nothing. I think that has alot to do with where you are staying on the beach is the area !!!! Alot of nice hotels we are finding but I dont know if they are good areas. I would appreciate all of your feed back !!!

If you know of any other good beaches around the Orlando let me know !!!



2. Posted by ethno33 (Full Member 20 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi Coalette,

Where are you coming in from?

I have a few responses to start with, and maybe we can go from there.

If you are looking to party, as well as be on the beach, I would think that Daytona would be your best bet. I have never actually been there, but I hear there is a pretty good nightlife. Cocoa beach doesn't really have a nightlife. Its a favorite spot for surfing, for watching the shuttle launch and for sunset drinks on the peir/beach, but dance clubs - well I don't know of any.

I have not been to Clearwater, either and don't know much about it. But its a further drive from either Cocoa beach and Daytona, and the fact that it is not listed in my Lonely Planet for USA may mean there isn't a whole lot going on there.

As for the beaches, you pretty much can't go wrong anywhere in Florida!! Cars are allowed to drive on the beach in Daytona, so I don't know if that bothers you. The beach at Cocoa Beach is great. But I have heard that sharks like it there too!

Do you have to stay near Orlando? By far the best nightlife in Florida, perhaps the US and maybe even the world is in South Beach, Miami. I mean people are just coming out at 2 a.m.!!!! And the beach is beautiful too. Ft. Lauderdale is also a great place both for nightlife and the beach.

I hope this helps for now. If you have further questions, just ask!

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I'd agree with ethno33 about Miami. It's definitely the place to be in Florida for the two reasons you mentionned, the beach and the nightlife. I've never actually been, but I know plenty of people who have, and everyone recommends Miami! It'll offer everything you want plus it has it's art deco charm.

Clearwater is a white sand beach, so that's good. But I don't know if it'll offer the nightlife you want. As for Daytona, it's much more along the lines of beach/nightlife. I personally don't know much about Cocoa Beach but that I'm going to get surfing lessons as per some suggestions from TP members. If you want to know more about that, the link to the thread is this: http://www.travellerspoint.com/forum.cfm?thread=3066.

Enjoy your trip!


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From Orlando... Cocoa Beach is about an hour's drive... Daytona is an hour as well... Clearwater is almost 2 hours... and Miami is about 4 hours. I agree with the previous responses... Miami has the most nightlife, followed by Daytona, then Clearwater, and then Cocoa Beach with the least. Keep in mind that Cocoa Beach and Daytona are on the Atlantic Ocean (better for surfing) and Clearwater is on the Gulf of Mexico. I was at Clearwater beach for Memorial Day weekend, so it was really crowded... but it was a lot of families, etc.- not as many younger people (20-30 yro). I don't know that it's normally like that... I think it might have just been like that for the holiday weekend.

5. Posted by CoaletteP (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Now what part of clearwater is good?? North/South???

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Lived in daytona and also lived in the keys im 30 now & lived there when i was 18 & went back when i was 20,(WOW what FUN!!!!!)..I HAVE TO SAY CHECK OUT THE KEYS,ESPECIALLY KEY WEST rent mopeds ,get drunk & have a blast or goto south beach (Miami) great night life also the beach and sun are awesome check out Versace's house.personally i had some of my best times in orlando,but i was there w/ 6 good friends,anyway the strip in orlando has the potential to blow your nights away,enjoy hope this helps.... :)
Roy - NYC

7. Posted by rebmamber (Respected Member 40 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Well, having lived in Florida my whole life, I have been to all of the above places listed. While S. Beach is quite fun (and expensive!!), it is a long drive if you're using Orlando as a base. I guess it depends on how far you're willing to drive. I am from Clearwater, so I know a lot more about that area than the other two, although I have visited all of them.

My impression of Daytona everytime I go there is that it's nothing too special...not necessarily run-down or no fun.....I guess of all the beaches in Florida that I've been to, it just has never really made an impression on me.

Cocoa is great and relaxing, again as said before, not a whole lot to do except relax and surf.

Clearwater is a beautiful white sand beach, very clean. If you head about a mile or two south to Sand Key beach, it's even better, just not as much to do there, but a nice daytime excursion. The activity on Clearwater Beach is centered around Pier 60 which is pretty much the center of Clearwater Beach. Anywhere just north or south of there should be good and you should be able to walk anywhere. In the daytime, Clearwater beach is always packed with people of all ages, but primarily younger people. There are volleyball nets set up for people to use, often timesvarious other activities. I'm sure you can do this on the east coast too, but you can rent jet-skis or go paragliding if you like. In the evening, around pier 60, vendors will set up stands with artwork, etc, and oftentimes there are performers out there as well (mainly on the weekend) In the nighttime, Clearwater is sometimes hit or miss. There are always young people at the bars, and there are one or two clubs around the island, but sometimes it's a lot more happening than others. Holiday weekend there should be a lot going on. But, if you have a car, about 15 miles form Clearwater is Tampa, and just on the other side is Ybor City. This is a place that is always happening and there are clubs/bars/dance clubs/discos/pubs as far as the eye can see. It's really easy to get to and I;m sure you're hotel can tell you how to get there. If you're both drinkers, I would suggest getting a hotel there overnight, the drive back can seem really long a 3:00 a.m. (It takes about a 1/2 hour). A good itinery may be to head over to Clearwter Beach for a few days, on your way back to Orlando, spend a night in Ybor City (it is on the same road back to Orlando), then you're only aout 1 hr away!

Hope this helped!

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Destin Florida has a beautiful beach and good scene