how's the nightlife in every country?

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the most exciting nightlife I had were in Shanghai, HongKong and Amsterdam...actually clubs are all the same, the great atmosphere are created by good music and fabulous people, and the special experience you have:)

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I personally think that Montreal has an amazing nightlife! I've been partying in Toronto as well, but the fact that the clubs are open longer (until 3am) makes it a lot more fun. Toronto clubs are pretty cool too, despite the early closing time. The decor at this one place I went to called Appartment (maybe? I really don't remember) was really nice, especially in the bathroom (hahaha ). My personal favorite was Guverment, which is a gigantic club that caters to different tastes.

Montreal is more of what I know so I can definitely tell you that there's lots of variety here. And nightlife isn't limited to nightclubs only. The pubs and supperclubs abound and, come summer, people seem to bring the party out onto the streets with the many terrasses we have. I actually just found out that last weekend, which was the Montreal Grand Prix weekend, Brad Pitt was in one of the hippest restaurant/clubs in Mtl (called Buona Notte)!!! I decided that I'd avoid the craziness of that weekend and look what I missed! So unfair! We've also had Angelina Jolie and Leo DiCaprio partying a supperclub (called Time)! So, if you're looking for a variety of scenes/types of music, Montreal is a wicked place to party.


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I have to say "ditto" to Tamar's post ;) I love the nightlife here in Montreal. The regular clubs are open til 3, the after hours clubs are open all night long, and you've got stuff for every type of taste out there! If you're looking for some lounge-type places and clubs, St. Laurent (also known as the Main) is the best street to hit. Cresent is more widely known (amongst our US neighbours anyways) and is more known for their bars than uber-trendy clubs and lounges (although there are a few clubs that are pretty popular there).

Here are a couple of my picks if you're coming to Montreal and you're looking for a good place to hang:

-Shed Cafe: Serves alcohol, food and is located in the heart of the uber-trendy St. Laurent Street. Prices are average; drinks run anywhere from $5-9 and food is $8 and up for a main course. Plays great house music.

-Go-Go Lounge: if you're looking for a good cocktail, this is your place. Drink menus are on old vynil records and are quite tasty (the drinks, not the records ;)). A small place, so get there super early if you want a table. The theme here is retro - from the decor to the rad 80's music. About a block up from Shed on St. Laurent.

-McKibbin's Irish Pub: On Bishop St. (One street west of Cresent), this old-style Irish pub is great to get a pint (or two, or three...) of guiness. Bottom floor is reminiscent of dear old Erie, but the top floor is a make-shift club that sometimes has a cover. Music upstairs is your generic dance and hip hop, but downstairs you'll find more rock and the occasional U2 cover-band.

-Sofia's: don't show up too eat to late at this St. Laurent restaurant, because that's when the waiters take away the tables and POOF! a club is made before your very eyes. Hip hop and house music are the usual here. Known as Buona Notte's cheaper counterpart (yet a little more pricey than Shed)

-Tyme: Also a dinner-club, uber-trendy Tyme is located off the Main on the corner of Peel and St. Jacques. Entrees cost between $20-30, and by midnight you have people dancing on tables and house music thumping away.

Ok those are my club reviews! Hope it helps some visiters to Mtl!

Katie ;)