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Hi guys,
I will be in sydney in april and am wondering where would be a better spot to base myself for work in sydney. coogee or manly? The beach is much prettier at manly but last time i was there (on holidays) i thought coogee had a better 'scene'. So if i am looking for bar work or whatever, which place would be easier to find a job in?
Thanks all,
Jenn xx

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Hi Jenn,

I stayed in Coogee for a week and and now living in Manly. Manly gets my vote every time. Beach is much better, especially if you want to surf. Plenty of bars and restaurants, I found a job in about a week of trying in a bar so no probs there.

I think Manly has a great social scene, Coogee only has 2 main bars that i noticed. Obviously getting back from the City is a bit of a hassle after midnight but I tend to just stay over here for nights out as places open to 4-5am on a weekend anyway.

Its all about the northside...


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totally agree.
why cross the bridge when youve got everything you need on the north side.
hmm did that sound too biased???? o well :)

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i have a good friend who just came back from sydney and he advised me to move to manly when i move to sydney myself in april!

i hear coogee is similar to bondi as in its were all the backpackers hang out, and if your like me then you want to keep away from there and meet the locals!

hmmmm manly! manly! manly!

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I would say that Manly is probably better, but if you work in the city it can be a bit of a pain doing the commute.