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I just returned from a trip to Montreal with my boyfriend a couple of days ago. It was only a week long, what the winter break would allow more or less, but it was awesome. We stayed in Old Montreal and went to some places, restaurants, cafes, movies, skating rinks, met some great people, had some good memories (french singing and babaa!!(so cute)). And now..back to regular routine...(before work starts on the 2nd)

So..I'm pondering what to do and where to go next. If I had the money, I'd travel all over and live abroad for a while, but as my job is offering me new opportunities at this time, I won't be going anywhere longer than 2-3 weeks for a while. So I have time to think. Where to go next? I have too many places..so:

Anyone have any suggestions??

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Well where to go is always the question. If you have two weeks at a minimum I would suggest going to New Zealand it is incredible. Peru and or boliva are awesome as well. Again it all depends on how much time or money you have. You will get some better results from other people with this information. Good Luck and hope you get some good information.

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You can just about do Thailand's southern islands in two weeks - I did. Absolutely beautiful - it was an 11hr flight for me so I guess from Canada it would be about 17hrs from the East Coast. Costs nothing once you are there too.


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It would all depend on what you are interested in seeing, how much money you are willing to spend a day.

I really love Europe, and although you couldn't do a great deal of travelling to more than one country in Europe in that time if you want to see much, well you could go to say UK and see a fair bit. If you are really keen on beautiful architecture, new food and generally the touristy type things, Russia (St Petersburg and Moscow) are really nice places. In 2-3 Weeks that would be a good time to spend in Russia to just see St Petersburg and Moscow along with a few other places surrounding the two big cities. (You would most likely find it hard to speak to anyone other than fellow travellers at hostels, as hardly a single soul speaks more than a word or two of English at best).

I also really love Italy especially Rome. You could see the main touristy cities and a bit more in 3 weeks, and that would stick in your memory fondly forever. I have gone back to Rome twice, because it is just such an amazing city in all ways. It can be hard to communicate with people other than fellow travellers without being pretty fluent in Italian (which I am not at all).

Both Russia and Italy would be if you had a minimum of $80US a day to spend and you'd need to be staying in the cheap hostels for you to stay on that budget as both Russia and Italy are on the more expensive side of Europe.

You could also go to UK and spend 2-3 weeks travelling about spending 7 days in London to see it pretty well, but then that is again on the more expensive side.

If you wanted a cheaper option for 3 weeks, you could go to somewhere like South East Asia. You could do a trip like fly in to Bangkok and get an Air Asia flight from bangkok to Hanoi. Then make your way overland down to Saigon and then get a cheap 3 day 2 night Mekong Delta tour to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, go to Sihanoukville and Siem Reap and then make your way back to Phnom Penh and get a cheap Air Asia flight from there back to Bangkok where you would then fly back home. Doing that would take you to two countries, but you wouldn't be able to appreciate them at a very relaxing pace doing the two countries in the one trip, but it would still be a trip that you'd remember forever.

Alternatively you could just stay in Thailand and travel about there for 2-3 weeks at a relatively relaxed pace, because that has stuff for most people. It has stuff for those who are beach bums, it has stuff for adventurous people, people who like historical sites and also has interesting citizens (except when the Thai new year water festival is on, and then as a tourist with a digital camera it is a nightmare).

If you are more keen on the culture, Cambodia is a bit better than Thailand for that I think. It has some really amazing sites in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and for the relaxing pace you can head to Sihanoukville and get a beach side bungalow for like $6US a night and swim in the warm, clear waters which are just asking for you to spend all day in them.

If you wanted somewhere a little closer to home, you could fly to Hawaii and do a bit of island hopping there as that is very nice, but that is more on the expensive side once there.

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5. Posted by Noseclump (Respected Member 301 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

You guys have thrown out some pretty good suggestions. You got me thinking from other sides. I also love europe, so I've always been more inclined to go there than elsewhere (as I was born then, I guess, "old kontry" family memories you could say)..but Thailand seems interesting..I don't know as much about it as I should - That sounds like a good idea..Thanks everyone!!!

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