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Anybody know of any good places to sort out working visas for oz and Nz, also does anybody know if you need a ticket sorted b4 you can apply for your visa?


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I would guess that you would go to your local Australian or NZ consulate for stuff like that. I suggest google it by typing "Australian consulate (insert your city name here)" into the search field. I'm not 100% sure how working visas work between Wales and Oz, but I know that in some cases your prospective employer has to sponsor you. Check that out at the consulate.

Good luck!

Katie ;)

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The visa was easy to get online (www.immi.gov.au) Just answer the questions, give them credit card details to pay it 145 dollars(roughly £65 I think).

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You should try www.visafirst.com - they do working visas for Australia, New Zealand and the US. There is a fee but it's worth it to have it all sorted for you.

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the working holiday visa was a doddle to sort out for oz...just fill in a form online and pay the fee, got an email a couple of days later to confirm i got the visa, that was it. so much easier than my visa to usa...i had to make an appointment at the embassy, travel to london, hang around for 4 hours, pay for them to send my passport back, get asked stupid irrelevant questions blah blah blah