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Saw all 29 pages but could not find the info I was looking for. This summer my isrealian nephew is getting married and I want to go to Israel but since Egypt is also on my wishlist I want to do the 2 countries together.

First plan was to fly to Hurghada (Egypt) and than by bus to Luxor, by train to Cairo and by bus to Suez, St. Catharina and Dahab. From there crossing border at Eilat and go north to see Ramon Crater, Dead Sea, Jerusalem and go to the wedding. After the wedding fly from Tel Aviv back to Amsterdam (Netherlands) Somehow I can not get a one way flight to Egypt.... anyone any idea ??

Now my plan is fly to Sharm el Sheik and take to boat to Hurghada. Read it is aprox 40 us dollar. After tour as mentioned above I go after the wedding back to Sharm and fly back to Amsterdam.

  • Does anyone know why it is impossible to get a oneway to Egypt?
  • Egypt tourplan is ok I think - any suggestions ?
  • What are must see's in Israel ?
  • Any info is more than welcome !!!

Kind regards,

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Where, exactly, is the wedding?

As far as "must sees" in Israel - well, after living here for the better part of the past 25 years, I can tell you that the whole country is "must see"! And, frankly, even after all that time, there are parts of the country I have yet to fully explore!

But what's your main interest (history, archaeology, religion, culture, anthropology, art & architecture... the list is endless) and how long do you actually have in Israel?

And you mention traveling from Eilat up through the Negev to see the Ramon Makhtesh (it's not actually a "crater") and then by the Dead Sea to Jerusalem, so can I assume you will be renting a car in Eilat in order to do that?


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On saturday/sunday I want to arrive in Eilat (depands on time at the border on saturday. If the border goes fast on saturday I want to leave Eilat early sunday otherwise later that day.

All travelling will be done by public transport. Do not have a drivers licences so am not able to rent a car. Heard that busses and trains are very well in Israel.

The wedding is on thursday at Kibutz Maagan Michael. This Kibbutz is at the sea between Tel Aviv and Haifa. It is postal code 37805 in the place Menashe.

I have exactly one week in Israel. Ofcourse I know this is short but because of work I do not have longer. On sunday I have to fly back to Amsterdam.

Since this is my first time I just want a taste of the country and there people. Ramon Makhtesh is just near Eilat and my aunt told me this is very nice with a good museum. The Dead Sea is a real must for me. Sorry but tourist places in Israel are quit unknown to me and I am very openminded. A bit of history and culture is allways welcome. Am still young (26 years) and I allready know this will not be my last visit to Israel. Maby in future I want to visit Gaza but I had to promise my aunt not to go there because at the moment it is to dangerous.

Thanx in advance for all your info !!!

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The border crossing from Taba to Eilat shouldn't take long, and then, it's about a 15-minute drive into the "center" of Eilat. There are a couple of youth hostels so you should be able to find reasonably priced accommodation without difficulty. But you might go ahead and look at the Israel Youth Hostel Association's website and book your accommodation now or as soon as possible, as we do get quite busy all over the country in the summer.

I checked the Egged Bus Schedule and see that the #392 bus goes from Eilat to Mizpeh Ramon (the city near Makhtesh Ramon) leaving Eilat at 6:30, 9:00, 13:00. 15:00 and 17:00 and costs 44 shekels one way. And no, Makhtesh Ramon is not "just near Eilat" - it's probably at least 1.5+ hours by bus, right through the middle of the Negev Desert!

There's also a youth hostel at Mizpeh Ramon, so take a look on the IYHA site.

To get from Mizpeh Ramon to the Dead Sea, well, there is no direct bus between those two points, but you can continue on the 392 which goes to Be'er Sheva, leaving throughout the day and costing 23 shekels. And then, at Be'er Sheva, you can take #384 to En Gedi; there are three buses a day at 9:30, 12:15 and 15:00 and costs 42 shekels. To get from the Dead Sea (from En Gedi, for instance) to Jerusalem, you can take the #444 which goes direct from Eilat to Jerusalem but does stop along the way.

None of this will be terribly easy or quick, but it is possible.

If you want to explore other routes via bus, go to: and plug in the departure, destination and day of travel (all from drop-down menus) and hit "search" to get the info. Please know that Egged doesn't always spell names in English the way we might think they should be spelled, so if you don't find a city you are looking for, just keep searching, it's probably there, just spelled differently!

Makhtesh Ramon is interesting, but you really need a jeep (or camel) and a guide to see and experience and really understand what it's all about! There is an interesting sculpture garden near the Ramon Inn which overlooks the Makhtesh.

At the Dead Sea, the big hotels are at En Boqeq at the southern end, but En Gedi offers a youth hostel (you'll also find one at Masada) if you need an overnight there as well as the spa (very expensive, I think). You might also try the northern beaches, like Mineral Beach (but no overnights) or Neve Midbar Beach, Qalya or Biankini Beaches - all with overnight & food possibilities and all right near the "water" (such as it is - remember, don't "swim" in the Dead Sea - just float, only on your back, and do NOT put your face in the water at all).

Of course, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel since the founding of the modern state in 1948 and of the Jewish people for the past 3,000+ years so has a wealth of things to see and do and explore. The "parade" through here has included just about every civilization (and some not so civilized) of the ancient and modern world... and it's my home, so I always recommend it above all!

Kibbutz Ma'agan Micha'el is beautiful and in a beautiful spot - and there's tons to see and do between Jerusalem and there. The best thing would be to get a map and chart a course. You can find online maps at MapQuest, National Geographic, Expedia and other similar sites. Once you do that, write back with some questions about particular places and I'll do my best to help you.


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If you got a cheap flight to one of the resort airports, just throw the return leg away. One-way flights are usually only available from the big daddy airlines. The ones to Cairo are cheapest from Turkish Airlines for around 250-350 EUR, so any good deal on return charter flights is bound to be cheaper.

BTW, I just looked at and they got a oneway flight to Cairo for one person from Stuttgart to Cairo at Jan 23rd 07 for 148 EUR. But these are lucky finds - and why use it when you can fly return for 129 EUR from Germany to Egypt?