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Due to set off around South America in a couple of weeks for a 3 month trip. Theres some long bus and boat journeys ahead so going to bring a couple of books. However doubt they'l last long and was wondering whether anyone knew how to get additional books out there? Are fellow travellers likely to swap or are English language books avaliable to buy out there? Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

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if you come to chile, you can find books in english in some of our main book shops, like Antartica or Feria Chilena del Libro. There's also a specialized bookshop called Libreria Inglesa (English Bookshop) where you will find lots of books in english. Those bookshops are in Santiago but you can find some of them in other cities (specially in big shopping centers) but watch out! books here are not cheap
hope i helped ;)

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You will find books written in English, don't worry. A tip: ask where the Language Universities are located, and in the sorroundings find a book store.
In Buenos Aires there are many around the buildings where UBA (university of BA) functions. I used to buy them inside a school called "Lenguas Vivas", one of the best places to study languages in Buenos Aires. The address is C. Pellegrini 1515 , half a block from Av Libertador. In Buenos Aires there are many book stores where you can trade books, take a look at Av Corrientes or Lavalle Street.
Good luck!

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I read more on my trip than I have in a long time. What a treat! Many backpacker hostals will have book exchanges, as will the occassional cafe popular among Gringo travelers. The catch? They are frequently 2:1 exchange, give two, take one. I once asked why and the simple explanation was that the book exchange was trying to grow it's collection. Others will do a 1:1 exchange plus a dollar or two, a steal considering new English-language books can get pricey. There are often book fairs and used shops, but the best exchange was doing a 1:1 exchange with a fellow backpacker. I read much I never would have picked up simply because I traded with a new friend at a hostal. Have fun, read much and take dramamine on bumpy roads in Bolivia