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Hello everyone,
Just like to know how to travel by bus from KL and visit Singapore for 1day and go back to KL the next day. are there restrictions with immigration? I plan to go this Jan.2007.

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It should not be a problem though.
You can buy ticket from Pudu Raya and take a approx. 4-hr bus ride to Singapore. You also need to fill in white card to enter Singapore. You can either buy it for 50cents from the 'sellers' ( they worked illegally but same white card...but a rip-off though coz you can easily get for free) or if you have relatives/friends who have white cards, do get from them. The bus will normally stops at Woodlands custom check. You can ask for more white cards from the custom officer while they have your passport checked, for future usage, on your return trip. Hope this helps, Cheers ;)

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try that's the easiest way to get to Singapore by bus... I always use them when I need to travel to Singapore from KL and vice versa... they only cost 80RM one way, you never get off the bus, just sit there and sleep for 5 hours... no hassle through the immigration also... you can order the tickets online too... good luck!

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Jeff - look here for more info.

I never booked a trip from KL before but I'm pretty sure they have offices there that you can booked from. I have personally traveled on grassland and transtar. Both are good. hope this helps!


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Just go to the main bus terminal in KL 1 day (or even on the same day) before your trip and buy a ticket to Singapore. There are so many buses going to Singapore that you should not have any problem getting the ticket.

In Singapore, the place to get the ticket is Golden Mile in Beach Road. Just get into a cab and tell them you want to buy bus tickets to go KL. They should know where to take you.

Either way takes about 5hrs with 1 or 2 stops for toilet. The cost should be $20+ to $30+ per trip. Strange thing though is that from Singapore it cost SGD 30+ but from KL it cost RMB 30+ which is almost half the price....


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What time are the buses from Singapore to KL? I was wondering if I could take a late night bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

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