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1. Posted by Sherbet185 (Budding Member 13 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys i was just wondering how easy/hard is it for travelers to get a job in the USA I'm reaching there next year (going round the world) and I'm traveling for around for 3 months then hopefully gonna work for a while, plus i hear it takes about 6months to get a visa???


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It is almost impossible to get work visas in America without having some needed qualification like a teacher, doctor or an actor or sportsman. Apart from qualified jobs, for Australian's from what I have managed to find out it is not possible to work legally. I wanted to work there legally, but instead the only legal option that I got told when asking a similar question on another travel forum, would be to get a working holiday visa for Canada and go back and forth when I have enough money. I know that in Miami you could easily find cash work because almost every shop down around South Beach had help wanted, staff wanted or similar signs on the windows of the shops. The unemployed people in Miami, are obviously just lazy (most being beach bums) and can't be bothered working for any money even if the pay might not be top dollar. I also know that in some hostels you'd be able to get work, but it would basically only cover your accommodation and not give you any added money from the places I saw in Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas that were doing that. Other places would probably do it as well, but they just don't advertise it openly most the time.

Go to

Go to the search option and type in something like "work visa for US" or "working in US", because this sort of question is asked almost every week at least once on that site and gives links of sites.

Have a great trip when the time comes around, but save up as much as you possibly can before you go, because the US aint cheap.

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You have to get a company to sponsor your working Visa. The difficult part is to get a company as it represent extra cost to them when they can easily get americans to work for them.

Once a Company wants to sponsor you, the rest is pretty easy.


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Besides the H visas alluded to here you can also try for a J visa which might be more suitable (and easier to get) for someone in your situation. For more info check out

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Thanx for the info guys i really appreciate it

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I know its not easy, but I would work my ass off before I go!
Working for cash wont make you much.
I had a friend enter the US green card lottery and WON!! He now gets to work and live there legally for a year or two.

Getting visas are a royal pain in the a**&^.! You have to go to Sydney etc (if not already there) for interviews etc. Costs money, and NIS is very slow. I am a US resident and boy it took weeks just to get my social security number...just what you need when looking for work.

Best spots for work (if no specific skills) are fairs and shows, you can get cashier work for $100/ day. Not sure about bars?? You here rumours of people working for tips, but I don't know. Too hard. You could always hang out at Home Depot (just kidding), but if you're keen you will see a whole bunch of guys hanging out front. They are waiting for work. Basically some dude may drive past looking for a labourer. Going rate is $10/hr plus they buy lunch. But no guarantee of getting work.

Hope this helps, it is hard especially when you don't know how to budget/ plan.

Good luck

Good luck