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Have someone been to Malaysian Sabah/ Sarawak. Is the sea really very muddy across the shore? Can one suggest a place where it is not the case?

And what about big jellyfishes, some people they are very dangerous there and cannot be easily located prior to their biting you because the water is muddy?

Good luck to anyone!

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Sabah is ok, even in Kota Kinabalu. There are nice islands just 20 minuts by boat from Kota Kinabalu. There are no corals there but water is clear and clean.

The south of Sabah (especially Sipadan) is even better, full of corals and great for snoorkeling and diving.

Best regards


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Hi Keter,

Your msg cracked me up. .. big jellyfishes? I'll be lucky if I see one that BIG. I've been stinged by tiny ones before. The first time was when I was young AND curious enough to touched it with my bare fingers. It's painful and you get this warm ticklish feel.

In Sarawak, as much as I love this place, I don't have any favorite beaches. They mostly have rough brown sand and "murky" water. It's not muddy though, it's just brownish. This could be due to the sand composition that is high in silica To avoid being bitten by jellyfishes, try not to swim when the weather is hot. But chances of getting bitten is pretty low. I'll say go for it!

As for Sabah, it has picturesque beaches, swaying palm trees,
and crystal clear waters. I would anytime refer it as a place of paradise!


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Is true as what have been well said by SpaceCadet.
I've been to the Survivor Island, Sabah or known as "Pulau Tiga" in Malay. The sea is rough and beaches are not
suitable for swimmers.

Afterall, Sabah do have nice islands. If you're in to snorkling an Island known as Tunku Abdul Rahman will be fine. It only takes you around 15-20mins to reach. It's very near to the Kota Kinabalu town. But if you're in to diving, I'll best recommend the Sipadan Island. It's one of the best place for divers. It's located in Sout East of Sabah.

Don't worry about those "BIG" Jellyfish, it's seldom happen here.

Good Journey.