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Travel Permit for Entering Tibet
Overseas tourists and compatriots from Taiwan should get a Travel Permit for entering Tibet in advance. Otherwise, they would be refused by the inspections on their way to Tibet. Tibet Tourism Bureau has set up its office in Beijing to issue Travel Permit directly for above tourists to entering into Tibet.

How to Get the Travel Permit
Based on group tour or individual tour, both groups and individuals can apply for the permit and get it right here from Tibet Tourism Office Beijing. To apply for the permit for groups, group list with guests' full name, sex, birth date, nationality, occupation, passport number and Chinese visa valid date is required, while individuals should provide the copies of their passport details with the same items as above.

Booking a Tour
Tibet Tourism Office Beijing has provided different kind of tours for choice. Tourists may join in any tours with match their needs or itinerary could be tailor-made according to guests' requirement.
Tour bookings need at lest one week before the tours start. Guests' passport details are required at the same time in order to issue the travel permit and make other necessary reservations ( air ticket, hotel, land transfers, guide and etc.) for the tour in advance.

Full payment in RMB(Chinese Yuan) for any tours are required when guests book a tour. The payment could be transferred through banks to our account in the Bank of China Beijing Branch, or paid to us in cash directly

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Thanks for the information.

Could you please clarify some of my doubts?

---I don't wish to book any tour and just want a travel permit only.Is it possible ? This is because i will have my own arrangement.

--Incase i fly from Beijing or Chengdu to Lhasa, where the checking of permit take place--at the airport?

Thank you inadvance.

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Hi,not in airport,you should go to Tibet Bureau office at the Beijing or Chengdu,this is for address
Tibet Tourism Bureau Beijing Office
Address: M021 Poly Plaza, Dongzhimen Nandajie, Beijing 100027, China.
Tel: 86-10-65001188-3423
Tibet Tourism Bureau Chengdu Office
Tel: 86-28-3333988-228
Fax: 86-28-3347048
you can apply it
Wish you happy in China's Tibet
maybe you can conntact Metero who as the guide in Beijing 13146901596,i think he can help you get it.

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If I am traveling Lhasa to Beijing how can I go about getting the travel permit for Tibet. I plan to take a bus from Kathmandu to Lhasa before catching the train in Lhasa. Can I get the Tibet travel permit in Kathmandu anywhere?

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Will 13,

You will have to apply for Tibet permit while you are in Kathmandu. Recognised travel agents in Kathmandu will do this for you and it is easier too. It is said that it takes couple of days so check with them.
Also note that your Chinese Visa would be cancelled , if you have one already,when you apply for Tibet permit in Kathmandu.
You have to apply for Chinese visa while you are in Tibet to visit China.

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In the original post is says a valdi China visa is required to apply for the Tiber travel permit.

Now, you are telling me that it is pointless to have one before as it will just be cancelled and I will have to get another.

Whats the deal here guys?

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Tibet is a separate region within China. If you want to enter Tibet from Kathmandu(Nepal), you need aTibet entry permit only(not the regular chinese visa; even if you have a existing chinese visa it would be cancelled).This Tibet permit can be arranged as said earlier by the many of the travel agents in Kathmandu.

If you wish to enter Tibet from mainland like Chengdu or Beijing etc., you obviously need a normal chinese visa at first (as you will arrive in one of the chinese cities) and additionally a Tibet permit to visit Tibet.

One more caution: If you are applying for a normal chinese visa and would be arriving in one of the chinese cities like Beijing or shanghai etc., NEVER mentione purpose of visit as " Tibet" .If you do so, either your application would be delayed or returned without a visa..After arrival in China(Beijing etc..), you can then apply for a Tibet entry permit either in Beijing or Chengdu.

If you are entering Tibet via Nepal(Kathmandu),you get only Tibet entry permit only. Suggets that it is better to talk to some travel agents in Kathmandu to ascertain present situation, time taken to issue Tibet entry permit, modalities , procedures etc.

Hope this is clear.