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I am going to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands for my Honeymoon in March. On a previous trip to Europe I carried a backpack on the day to day to carry camera (35mm Cannon) and rolls and rolls of film. I also carried a couple maps. Basically it was a big 'ole camera bag inside a backpack. This time I am trying to take the future wife to nice hotels and a nice romantic trip (her first time). Rather than looking like a typical American with running shoes and jeans I am getting nice slacks and button up shirts and boots. Anyways I wanted to look a little less touristy. I am looking for a day pack that is not a backpack, and I think messenger bags are too big.Unless you guys know of a medium sized bag?? I like the Eagle Creek Vagabond but I was wondering if you all thought it was feminine for a male? All I need to carry around are some maps and my new Digital Camera Lumix FZ7 with has a lens so its about 3.5 inches by 5 inches. Any ideas feel free, Thanks!

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I used something similar to the satchel bag you're referring to back in the 90's. I had a Canon Elan SLR, 2 lenses, flash, films, batteries, a guide book and snacks for day trips. It looked nice but the weight was not evenly distributed on the body. Now a days, I like day-packs and there're many brands and styles to choose from. As cameras go, digital is so much more compact. I put mine in a Lowepro bag and attach to my belt for easy access... no need to store in day-pack. REI has a good selection of travel clothes and gear that look nice (less backpacking in style) but have the benefits and convenience for traveling.

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Man purses aren't feminine. As long as you carry it in a manly way :) i.e. shoulder strap on left shoulder, bag resting on right hip or vice versa.

Actually, for my last trip I also ditched the daypack and got a man purse. I only had a digital camera, water bottle, and a few other things but it worked really well. I didn't have to sling it on and off when sitting down or needing to get something out. I also felt more secure as I could rest my hand on it without looking dumb. It also looks a little classier than a daypack. Very nice that you're treating the future wife to a nice romantic getaway. Good luck.