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1. Posted by Awilso (Budding Member 4 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi People,

I am going travelling around europe for hopfully about 2 months, i am doing as much of europe as possible and hopfully visiting most of the well known places aswell as other places i have decided to visit.

I was wondering has anyone had any experience of this and whether 2 months is enough time and also how much money is recommended to be taking.

Bear in mind i am going with two of my mates so hopfully there will be alot of partying on the trip.

Any help will be much apreciated as its my first time travelling in backpacker style.



P.s - if anyone knows whats it like for finding work around europe if you cant speak a foriegn language?

2. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1388 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

In two months you can see a lot, but you have to come up with the places you want to see for yourself. The places that might interest you, might be boring for somebody else.

Money is always an issue. If you have covered your flight railpass and the tickets within Europe, you will find yourself spending something like 15-20 euro for a hostel & breakfast, 10-20 euros for a good meal, and some money for entrance to attractions. (let's say about 15-20 euros). And some smaller money for drinks, snacks, bread, money for the laundrette etc ... Partying a lot will make you need for a vast budget even bigger.

Some people will tell you to calculate about 50-65 euros a day, will do, others need a little bit more. Providing you have already booked, you flights, and payed for you railpass.

I gave you some indications for prices, but you can do some things to save money. Look for hostels were you can cook your own food, buying you food at a supermarket can save you are lot of money, but it also takes time.

The prices I mentioned, are normal for places like Germany, Holland, France ... but there are some places that are even more expensive, and London and Switzerland are notoriously expensive. Other countries like Spain/Portugal and countries like Poland, the Czech republic are a lot cheaper.

It all depends on the route, that you will be taken, and the way that you are going to travel (cook you own meals, party or not).

My last advice would be to never leave being low on cash. It is better to have some money, that you don't need, than to run out of money.

Finding work, can be a problem if you don't speak the language and illegal if you don't have the right papers.

3. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hi there Andy,. i myself am also looking to do exactly the same as you, for a similar amount of time, but am opting out of working, or if i do so its a last resort. . . where are you starting your journey from?

have you got a railpass? was woundering your measn of travel, and was hoping maybe you have some websites for either a railpass or i heard someone mention that a plane ticket with a limited amount of flights within a certain period of time, like 6 flights within 2 months etc. . maybe you know where info on that is reachable?

4. Posted by Awilso (Budding Member 4 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


i have to say the best place to get a rail pass or one of those flights would be probably thats where im getting my rail pass from and seems to be cheapest.

I think i am starting off in amsterdam and then playing it by ear. what are your plans? you travelling on your own?

im the same as you only wanting to work at last resort, however from reading things on different sites it seems that once ppl have done what they planned to do and are running out of money the opt to work so they can stay out longer or work for a couple of months so they can travel more afterwards.


5. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

awesome, i shall check that website now, see my plan is to travel europe seeing as much as possible, then heading straight back to Newquay in the UK, where i'll simply work and surf in order to save as much $$$ as possible, as this time next year i plan to be in Australia. . .

Yeah as it stands im heading on my own, Amsterdam is a must on my trip, so is Prague, Rome, Barcelona and many others, but i honestly havent decided my route as of yet . .

the great thing about going by Rail rather that flights are you get to see alot more of the countries in which you are travelling through, the negative is i can imagine it can get very very tiring.

6. Posted by iamjordan (Budding Member 7 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hey man im going to europe this summer and i'm facing the same dilemma. There's so many countries i want to see, i barely even know where to start. This will take a while to plan. When are you going, and where are you flying into?

7. Posted by leecwen (First Time Poster 1 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hey peeps,

I am going to be staying in Manchester for a period of 6mths as I am there on exchange programme. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which is the best way to get around Europe? Any experienced traveller has opinions to offer between travelling by rail or air? Especially if I'm going to be travelling heavily during the Easter break?


8. Posted by Awilso (Budding Member 4 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Leecwen -
I think it all depends on whats you wanna do, if you wanting to just go to major citys they i think flying is a better and quicker option but if you not sure where you wanna go and think you might change your plans while travelling the rail is probably better as if you get a rail card you just have to jump on a train to where you wanna go. Also im not sure whther easter break makes any difference to the travelling, it may make flights more expensive but im not sure about the trains.

IamJordan -
The route im doing as it stands is starting off in amtersdam then going brussels, paris, lyon, toulouse, bilboa, lisbon, madrid, barcelona, monaco, turin, pisa, rome, florence, venice, ljubjana, zagreb, budapest, krakow, prague.

However im pretty much certain this will change, we kinda just picked this route so we know what direction we wanna go in.

I think we are going early may time, and for about 2months, i think i might stay longer than that though.

Makka -
Yeah i reckon it will be well tiring goin on the rail but when looking at it i have noticed quite a few of the trips you can do over night so saves money on paying for hostels and you can sleep on the train. Yeah iv been newquay a loads it was my childhood family holiday venue and i absolutly love the life style down there. Ah cool that your going australia you gonna go and work out there for a yr? i hoping to be in a ski resort learning to be a snowboard instructer at this time next year as iv applied to go out at the start of december this year.


9. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hello Awilso

I think a budget of 30 to 50 euros is good for if u want to do a budget style trip, staying in dorms in hostels.
30 would be a tight budget. 50 is better.
It would include,
a bed in a hostel dorm
food from supermarkets
city transport
a couple of coffees in cafes
It would not include
more than one or 3 beers
intercity transport
drinking money

Intercity transport.
U can browse the following sites for prices for trains and planes

I usually fly from city to city, for 58 euros, but these are bargin flights, bought months in advance.

The cheapest places to buy drinks would be student bars, and i often find that heavy metal bars are also not expensive, for drinks.

U could teach English, as a foreign language, if u have a TEFL qualification. Otherwise u could try to get casual work in bars or restaurants, in heavily touristed places. Dont rely on money, from this type of work, becuase it is not always available.

2 months is a nice amount of time to spend travelling. But of course not enough to see every nook and cranny of Europe. But these countries are not going anywhere, so u can always come back, for another trip.


10. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

@ Awilso aka Andy

Yeah Newquay is an awesome venue,. . tho bloody cold in the winter, i ventured down for the new years eve party, was awesome, like 2000 people all in fancy dress, very surreal!

with regards to Australia, i honestly dont know how im going to do it yet, depends on how much money i can save up, either way i know i really wanna travel via Asia on my way back, the hard part now is to save the $$$$