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for automn '07 I'm planning my second trip, which would probably take, like the first, about 12 to 14 Months.

My planes are not written in stone yet, except of the bike, because of enough time until then. Every day new ideas and infos are poping up and I think a decision will be made by mid '07.

The rough plans up to now are:
Germany- Austria - Italy - Slowenia - Greece - Turkey - (Georgia -(ferry)- Turkmenistan - Afghanistan OR Iran) - Pakistan - India - Nepal - Burma - Thailand - Malaisia - Australia (Pearth - Melbourne)

Now I'm looking for travelmates to join the trip (or parts of it).
If you don't have a bike up to now, let me know if I can help with expierence and tipps

The goal of the trip will be to get to know people and landscapes on a low- to moderate budget.

You can get a picture of what happened on the last trip at the site: (sorry, up to now only in german)

This trip wil not be a race!

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Wow- that sounds incredible!!!
I would be SO interested in joining you for parts of the trip...

Unfortunately my money situation is really up in the air right now. I'm riding around Australia until July and will probably be low on funds at that point. But I was hoping to spend some time in Europe in late 2007 or early 2008, assuming i could make some money in between trips.

I'll keep your trip in the back of my mind for sure!


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Hi Emily,

Do so.

I hope to speak with you somewhat September this year


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That trip sounds amazing, i been toying/ planning to drive a motorcycle along the Ho Chi Minh trail. It is organized by an outfitter.

Nothing is written in stone yet. What about the bike? What type were you thinking of using? Have you got a rough idea of what the trip would cost?

Have you thought about including United Arab Emirates in you trip? Then again, driving through a war torn country might not be the best idea.

I'm pretty sure i wouldn't be able to stay with you the whole 12 to 14 month. But i would love to be able just do part of the trip.

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Hi Thomas,

right now Iran and Pakistan is giving me a Headache since I'm hearing they're closing their borders. I don't have any details up to now, but going north of middle east seems to be quite difficult, but interesting to manage. Going thru Saudi Arabia/United Emirates would then be an option to move on to India. I guess that Turkmenistan would not be the place one would want to be in Jan.

I'm planning to travel on a KTM LC8 which I'm working on to get it a bit more robust for the trip.

At this moment I'm holding out how things develope in Iran and will probably need to start visas by April. Up 'till then hope for a straight trip.

Which parts are you thinking of?
I understand you don't have a bike yet.


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Hi Mike,

This trip sounds crazy! Iam really interested, sounds different and sounds like a adventure. Im currently planning to leave in Sept, and was thinking about public transport as im on a budget.

Can you guess how much it would cost?


7. Posted by MichaelN (Budding Member 4 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Tom,

If you're lookin at the whole trip as a starter you'll probably need:
app. 1000EUR (Drivers License)
app. 4000EUR (good bike with gear)
app. 3000EUR deposit for "Carnet de Passage"
app. 6000EUR => 500EUR/Month Living costs
app. 1000EUR Visas/fees
app. 1000EUR gear
you'll need some cash in the back for repairs and flights
=> 15000EUR would be my guess for a starter.

However, I'm trying to put something up which would be much cheaper and much easier to handle.

Here's the plan:
I'm dividing my trip into seven pieces, (7weeks/piece). If I can find 7 people to share the costs, it would be great.

Since this would be doable, but maybe difficult, these 7 (8 with me)need to come together and discuss the details probably several times.
I estimate the costs about 600EUR/each (just for and around the bike)

By the way, (Georgia -(ferry)- Turkmenistan - Afghanistan OR Iran) - Pakistan is no longer possible. new route: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Saudi Arabia - Oman - India


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good luck ,wish you the best for your dream trip
few years ago i planned to do it from france ,all the way to india, but cause of the war in asia ,i couldnt do it ,
i did it before ,from egypt ,jordan ,syria ,turkey ,greece and the rest of western europe ,on motorbike ,so if you need any help in the countries i rode through ,please ask me
i can sugest you to fit heated grips ,and use thermal underwear suit,as i was riding in turieky in the mountain ,in -10 degree ,was a night mare ,
make sure you have tubless tires ,its more helpful than the innertube.
there is a great site for crossing borders ,getting visas and many motorbikes stories about long overland trip
get lonley planets book guides ,its great to travel with ,or the rough guide
for every one thinking to buy a bike for a trip like that ,my experince ,the bmw (specially the gs 80-or gs 100,or gs1150 ) is the best bikes to do that ,comfy ,and easy to fix with not alot of comlicated electronic things
if you are looking for cheap tough bike to do it on ,and not so comfy ,i advice you to get the yamaha ttre 600 or xt or tt
for the fuel ,its important to make a double tank, (good to have from 30 to 40 liter of fuel ) like that you can cover easily 700 k.m ,depend on your spead ,how loaded ,and the bike size ,
touratech have good metal boxes to fit on your biketo carry most of your things ,also there is a a company for soft bags (but good ) i belive its oxford,
you can make a nice rack at the rear end of the bike (on it you can fit a top case for fragil things and also a place to have a camping gear and tools (if any one need to know how i can send photos of what i did to my bike )
a good idea to fit engine bars and amke it bit wide so you can use it to change the position of your feet while you are riding (it works pretty good ) and also to protect the bike if you drop it be ready to drop you bike few times ,as it will be heavy and loaded and the roads condition not always good
good luck every one
o.s i,m preparing my trip from egypt to south africa via east coast ,hope every thing will be ok ,so i can start october 2007