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I just spent new years in Las Vegas and ive got to say its the best place ive ever been to in my life!!!! What a place!!! I was in oz for a few months earlier in the year and and its just leaped above it. No contest between those places or anywhere else. Cant wait to go New York. If thats better than vegas its going to be good.

VIVA LA$ VEGA$ !!!!!!!!!! :)

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Wow, I spent a few days in Vegas and have never been happier to leave a town. My idea of hell on earth. Each to their own though and I'm glad to see you enjoyed it :) How much you enjoy it probably depends on how lucky you got.

Considering you liked Vegas, I would suggest that you need to plan a trip to Tokyo. It's similar with its glitz and kitch, but manages to make it feel natural and actually also has some real culture to go with it, not just the culture-veneer of the Belaggio.

3. Posted by patience (Full Member 118 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Well one night I bet $20 and within 5 minutes I had $200 so i guess you could say i got lucky :)
I wouldnt say its the kind of place to go on a budget and i took thouands which helps in vegas. American people seem really nice too and i made a friend from baltimore.
I just loved it and i really hope to see more of america this year. I kind of wish id stopped in san francisco for longer than an hour. Heard good things about it and it looked nice from the airport and the plane window
:) couldnt see the golden gate bridge though

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I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my 15 wedding anniversary. And for me and my husband was an unforgetable experience. Whatever you want to do that is the place, casinos, beautiful hotels, we stayed at The Venetian and is gorgeous, great shows, incredible nightlife. You will need a lot of money althought the food is cheap but you have to spend a lot of money just in taxis. We really enjoyd our trip to Las Vegas and I recommend this place to everyone.

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Las Vegas is alright, but really comparing that to places in Australia you have got to be kidding me that Las Vegas is better than a lot of the places you probably visited in Australia. I suppose going to Vegas you can say you have got a taste of New York, Paris, Venice, other places in Italy, Amsterdam with all the hookers and well maybe one or two other places except instead of being normal it was as if it had a bad case of ADHD like some young kids have. About the only thing I really loved in Las Vegas was that water display out the front of the Bellagio, that show was really cool, but the rest wasn't that spectacular. The 2 billion dollars that was spent on the Fremont Street experience was a bit of a waste of resources, but that was pretty cool as well. I could think of plenty of better things to spend 2 billion dollars on. Betting $20 and coming away with $200 could happen anywhere, but in Vegas just like everywhere else it wont happen more often than it does happen.

Like someone else said you should go to Tokyo because that has got some similarities to Vegas only is much more real world, more culture, and far nicer and probably slightly less expensive.

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I was pleased to see that several TP members rate Las Vegas so highly. It really is a love/hate kind of place. If you like the fast lane; nightclubs, entertainment, glitz, celebrities, gambling, you will love Vegas. Our unofficial motto; "If it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing." If not, then Vegas may not be your cup of tea.

There are ways to cut your costs when visiting. Come midweek, rooms are cheaper. Stay/eat off the Strip will cut your expenses. Many hotels are walking distance. If not the 'Deuce' is a double decker bus that travels the entire Strip. $2 one trip, an all day pass for $5. Using the bus system can cut your transport costs. Taxis are convenient, but expensive. We also have a monorail, but it is not bargain transportation, just for sightseeing.

If anyone needs specific advice on Vegas, send me a PM.