Why do we travel? What happens to you after you travel?

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1. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Some people travel to get away from problems, others because they are bored,
Others are interested in meeting people; others are interested in seeing and experiencing other cultures,
some are interested in photography and interested in taking photos of other country’s, people etc, others interested to see if there is a better life somewhere else,
to see beauty, to see what life is about, others want to see if there are other country’s that are safer were they can be better of, others want to sample
different food cuisines, others travel for the sun and beach, to ski, others travel to see history, to see the 7 wonders of the world, gap year, and others travel to do extreme sports
in certain country’s……….etc

For all too many reasons we all have our reasons to travel.

What I would like to know is why are you travelling? And what have you learned from your travelling experiences?

And one for the older people…when do you feel it is right to settle down, buy a house, settle with the mrs etc.
Because for me I cant seem to settle down in one place because I get very very bored easily! I am only 25 years old though,
But I am aware that life catches up on you quite quickly and we all know life is too short.
Also I had a girlfriend and when she had to head back to South Africa my attitude just changed were I wanted to get away from everything and everyone who knows me...was depressed, never went out, tried moving on with other girls, never worked...went a bit awol and then walla I said travelling will cure me...I'm fine now...all wounds heal in time...but always leaves scars. Thats why I take all my negatives into my life and make them into a positive! I look at the experience so that one day when someone was in my situation I will be able to help them.

I will try and answer my own question. I think everyones thinking changes as when you get older? Between the age of 18-21 life for me was to party,
and buy a house in Ireland and get a girl. Then from 21-24 I wanted out of Ireland, never thought I would but I did. Before all that I had no interest
in travelling as I loved Europe! And I was never interested in 3rd world countrys or poorer nations (bit of an ignorant attitude I guess) but I always believed
in having the best in my life. So I would only go to richer nations were it had everything. Now today my attitude has changed were I am interested to roam out of Europe
and see other cultures, poorer nations etc etc…over time my way of thinking has changed, to even my own surprise! OK I have been to America and Canada but that does
not count to been outside Europe as they are similar to Europe in some ways.

And for all those who travelled what has become of you?
Are you now a better person? Perhaps you moved to another country that you liked? Like Australia or any other place?
Experience? As in you matured? Maybe you moved for a climate change? etc

I leave my own country to experience other cultures and food. I am also very interested in extreme sports which you cannot do in
Ireland or the UK. I am also interested in beaches and even more interested in an outdoor country were drinking isn’t my only sole sport.

At the end of my travelling I may end up settling down in another country for a better future there appose to in the Ireland / UK etc.
What about my family? I’d fly home to mommy, daddy, brothers and sisters 2-4 times a year easily! Depending where ever I am.

I am in the same environment just different jobs, I am one that does not believe my life revolves around work but more so
work revolves around me as in I can go where I like…the main thing in my life is to be happy and to help others in anyway I can.

SORRY FOR THE WAFFLE! Hope you have the time to read and to reply.

maybe i will appreciate where i come from is way better than anywhere else...i have to admit i much prefer ireland to england for its laid back lifestyle, much friendlier people and much lesser crime and safer in ireland than england...plus i found england way too multi cultural! and multi national...

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2. Posted by Laura_B (Respected Member 352 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I went travelling because: I was bored of life here, needed time out, had only ever been on holidays-needed more then 1-2 weeks away, felt travelling would provide me with answers regarding a suitable career, for fun, meeting new people, learning about other peoples cultures etc.

And what happens after you travel? Well it certainly does not get the bug out your system and make you want to settle down! It gives you an appetite to go again. Most of all it has made me realise how dull my life is back in the UK, on the other hand it has made me appreciate how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to travel and how easy my life is here i.e. having a steady job-yes it's boring, but least I know where money is coming from every month! Some places I've been travelling to have really been an eye opener, I've never really come across much poverty until I went to Cambodia. Yes it's all across SE Asia, but think in Cambodia I saw the worst of it. Traveling had made me not take things for granted (still do sometimes, but not as much as I used to)

3. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I guess I'm one of those "old" people who's setled down-ish - although it hasn't stopped me from travelling! I have a full-time job with OK vacation time, a home and a boyfriend who lives overseas. I guess that's part of my motivation for travelling- although we met while travelling so it's a kind of chicken-and-egg thing.

I travel because I love the way it feels - going somewhere no one knows you, getting back to the basics of navigating a train ride or a city, discovering new food and people and places, seeing things you've only ever read about. The feeling of being at the aiport here and knowing I'm about to leave is indescribable - I'd never want to be so rich that I would take that feeling for granted.

Our thinking definitely changes as we get older, but I wouldn't go backwards for the world. And someone once told me that scar tissue heals back stronger than before - our scars represent hard times, but they've made us who we are.

4. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

do overseas / long distance relationships actually work or is that a myth?

i believe in europe it works quite ok, i can be most places in europe within 1-2 hours and its very cheap to fly. as well as that phoning each other in europe is cheap plus one can use skype to talk to all the time.

living in europe and someone in canada or america i would find hard to believe that it actually works!

my x wanted to do a long distance relationship initially then changed her mind with me because she didnt trust me so she didnt bother.
why have a long distance relationship anyway? why doesnt one of you got the balls just to move!

if its down to work then one will find a job in mc d's flipping burgers! :)

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5. Posted by carosterns (Respected Member 159 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I started travelling after realising I had spent my life stressing out and climbing the corporate ladder. Get up where the I could finally see the "corporate view" I decided I didn't like it. Too much stress. I was earning lots but was working so hard I had no time to enjoy life. I decided to take a 5 month break and see Africa, it was always my dream. That was in 2002 and I haven't been home yet. Still bouncing from point to point, meeting people, discovering new places and becoming more aware of the things that are really important - if it don't fit in my backpack, then it isn't important.

As for settling, I don't think I ever will. I'm 40 and no closer to settling down than I was when I was 20. I enjoy challenges in life and at the moment, those challenges are coming from travelling by myself to all sorts of places. Why - because I can.

6. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

why are you travelling? And what have you learned from your travelling experiences?

I travel because it better than being at work. ;). Seriously, though, I first started travelling because I was really burnt out at work and had a couple of really rough years personally, mostly focused around the death of my mother and then a relationship that went horribly bad. Like Oslaue, I was feeling like home was a bad place to be. I was depressed and often angry. I didn't really want to hang out with any of my friends. Toronto (my home) felt like it was haunted - every place made me feel awful because it reminded me of so much bad in my life.

What I have learnt from my travels? The biggest thing has been patience and acceptance. When you travel, especially in third world countries, there is a lot of things that go awry and put your plans on hold, or change them completely. Buses break down or don't show up, people are late, stuff you wanted to see no longer exists, etc. You have to learn to just accept these things, and live with them.

When I got back home to Toronto, though, I found that I was able to face the problems of work and home and family with the same type of patience and acceptance. I'm a much calmer person than I was previously, and less likely to get angry when things go wrong.

7. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Quoting oslaue

dmy x wanted to do a long distance relationship initially then changed her mind with me because she didnt trust me so she didnt bother.
why have a long distance relationship anyway? why doesnt one of you got the balls just to move!

I'm sorry to hear your relationship didn't work out, oslaue.

Like any relationship, long-distance relationships take time, patience, trust and communication. They're not for everyone. Personally, I wouldn't change a thing -- but that's just me. It is a little unfair to make a sweeping generalization, though. I do understand where you're coming from, but that doesn't make it true for everybody.

Another good thing about travelling that I just remembered - Nutella crepes in Paris! Oh, I could go for one now...

8. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

of course you would change tway! you would have lover boy come travelling with you too :)

there must be a point in your life were you must stop to travel? if you ever wanted a family?
you cant do both and have a family. But then I assume you don’t have a family or want a family so it may not really affect your case.

In my industry its ok, I work travel and still work in my profession which is IT, now I am contracting and make so much more
than perm which allows me to take 6 months of every year and travel the other 6 months, basically whatever appeals to me.

I did the whole corporate thing and its ok, but at my age there isn’t as much pressure compared to the older people who I work with
Who are my bosses. I often hear one of my bosses coming to me the next morning saying they didn’t sleep well…why? Because over some
shitty dead line! But I guess people handle stress in different ways. Sometimes I work in stressful projects but I don’t really stress at all.
I once worked with a high up director who was head of the UK in a massive IT consultancy company, who told me if he didn’t reach his targets…
In respect to make x amount of million the shareholders and board would sack him! I asked him if he was worried…….’he just said no…I just get a new job’
most senior staff that I speak to would normally reply with a political answer…

its ok about my relationship, I now know it was never meant to be…but I always knew that…it was just so difficult to leave her…its kinda weird…in a way I am
glad it didn’t work out….i think I liked the comfort of been with her…just difficult to lose that comfort…

but it is true tway…not a generalisation comment…most long distance relationships do not work out…and I don’t expect someone to be in another country to deprive
themselves from not been with other people and having fun;)

Greg…it is unfortunate circumstances in relation to your mother, relationship, amongst others...but I am sure and after your travelling that you are a much strong person.
I think the beauty perhaps about been in deprived countrys will be that….there lifes is about survival! Our lifes is about having a big house and car! Objects! If you get me…
I ask my parents and they tell me the world is getting a far worse place! On a positive note the poorer countrys are getting better! But I also think the richer countrys are getting
Richer and the poorer countrys are getting better but only ever so slowly…

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9. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Quoting oslaue

Our lifes is about having a big house and car! Objects! If you get me…

I understand that. In fact, one of the other things about travel is that I have tended to keep less material objects as well. I've sold my car and make due with my crumby little TV. The only things (other than trips) that I tend to buy expensive stuff are things that I can carry with me - luggage, my watch, my shoes and my camera. I'm completely debt free, and have a pretty big chunk of savings. Of course, it helps to have a job that pays me a lot of money too.

I also work in IT consulting, by the way. It's a good job for me, because it provides me both the opportunity to travel for work, plus the ability to get airline and hotel points so that when I travel for pleasure I can defray some of the cost of my trips by getting free flights and free hotel rooms.

It's tough for people with families, I think, but I've seen some of them make it work out quite well. I know a few people that travel for work, and they will have their spouse and kids come and join them where they travel to. I only works if you spouse has no outside job, or has a job that they can do remotely. I've seen some other people make it work by having a clear set of rules and boundries about home life. I think you can make a long distance relationship work, or one where one partner is doing a lot of travel, but it takes work.

THen again, I think all relationships take work if you want them to succeed, whether you are travelling or not.

10. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

IT hey! and your from Canada...before i move to australia in april,
i was considering in moving to canada myself for a year on a working visa.
i got a impressive cv but i was discouraged to here that the IT market is tad bit saturated...dont know how true that is...but i got no choice but to take it...after australia then ill probably go to canada. ive been to toronto and would like to go to vancouver.

again i dont know how true this is, but im aware that the canadian government has a shortage of money, so they encourage people to come over with minimum amount of money eg $5,000, find yourself a job, not allowed to go on the their social services system, walla, you dont find a job so you head home...but at the same times, hundreds of thousands of people come over and spend lots of money and then leave cos they cant get jobs...which gives the governments pocket lots of money. hence the reason why they are generous with visas.

this is all pure speculation.

i now expect you to say that there is a shortage of skill IT professionals in canada! ;)

i have never had a problem finding jobs, only when i first left my job due to experience...now i have an abundance of experience in what i specialise in...

It i think is one of the few jobs were you can make good money sometimes crap! work in other countrys, contracts, IT market in every country...and the UK and Irish market at present are looking very healthy! less people getting into IT which is better for people like you and me....then that allows me to up my rates!

i have heard the australian market is healthy...so the recruiters tell me and i got some people to see as soon as i get out there....

my x wasnt happy that i was travelling all the time...i only saw her at weekends all the other times i spent it in a hotel 5-6 hours away sometimes a couple of hours away, or in another country all together...sometimes i couldnt home at weekends, as id have to work a weekend here and there...sometimes i would have to fly home to see family too.....
but i worked with some people who loved been away from there familys too...