Why do we travel? What happens to you after you travel?

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21. Posted by Kathi20 (Respected Member 270 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


years ago when I was travelling I met so called 'travelling nurses' from the US.

They travelled from country to country, they didn't have to look for a flat/job, bec everything got organised for them and as far as I remember they didn't have to pay much for the flats either.

Moreover they earned a nice amount of money to afford all the travelling between work.

That came to my mind when I read about you being a nurse...

22. Posted by kerby1 (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Well, actually, i'm only a newbie.
The first and only time i went overseas from Russia was to USA. May be it sounds strange, but it's the easiest and chipest way to go travelling for hole summer without parents. I spent there around 4 months. After that i started dreaming about travelling all the time. It fills all my time. I can't think about something else. I'd like to visit a lot of places. But the only problem right now in money. That's why i need to graduate from university as soon as i can.
But about the question: why?
i don't know... it feels better to experience every day something new. And there is one more things in travelling. I really enjoyed of travelling alone! It helpes me to "hear" my own impression and thoughts i have.

23. Posted by john7buck (Respected Member 458 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Quoting oslaue

Some people travel to get away from problems, others because they are bored,
Others are interested in meeting people; others are interested in seeing and experiencing other cultures,
some are interested in photography and interested in taking photos of other country’s, people etc, others interested to see if there is a better life somewhere else,
to see beauty, to see what life is about, others want to see if there are other country’s that are safer were they can be better of, others want to sample
different food cuisines, others travel for the sun and beach, to ski, others travel to see history, to see the 7 wonders of the world, gap year, and others travel to do extreme sports
in certain country’s……….etc

Geez, I'd say you pretty much summed it up for me right there.

Truth-be-told, I'm not quite sure I can pinpoint one reason why I started traveling in the first place. One thing is sure though, I can't seem to put it all behind me now for better or worse. Like many of you, it now consumes my life and it is not really a question of when or how I will settle down, grow up, what-have-you; but more how I will make traveling coincide with all of the other parts of my life.

As for the part of your question about what happens when you come home; "are you a better person?", I'd say yes. At least I feel like a better version of myself when I am traveling and try to keep that going when I get home. I guess it just helps put life in perspective. I live in a very money-driven and quite wasteful society. But then I've traveled in some places where they pretty much completely live off the land. Am I now a hunter and gatherer? No. But I don't take things for granted nearly as much as I once did. I also recall that some of the poorest people I have met are among some of the happiest.

Aside from what I have taken away from the places I've travelled, I've also learned a lot from my fellow travellers as well. If you think about it, it's really a cool thing to have assembled in one hostel/hotel/guesthouse, an assortment of people from all over the world who make quick friends and give you a glimpse into an entirely different country than the one your visiting.

24. Posted by Moonmonkey (Budding Member 52 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Wow what a great thread......

It's really interesting reading other people's reasons for travelling. Here's my story......

I'm 35 and I've been working my nuts off for the past few years and besides the money I haven't been getting any fufillment or respect for it. My last relationship ended (through choice I might add) about 4 years ago and I've been single ever since. I never wanted to be in this relationship from the start although I did put alot into it and basically ended up looking after someone else.

I guess I've been making excuses NOT to travel for years and years (mortgage, job etc.) but about a year ago I decided something's definitely missing in my life and if I don't do something about it then that's the way it's gonna stay until I die. So I've quit my job, sold my house and I'm leaving in February for South America.

Now I must say I don't expect this to be the answer to all my problems (I can still hope though lol) but I DO expect that this is going to help put things in perspective. First of all I might hate it and decide that what I have back home is not so bad after all. Secondly I'm going to be able to live day to day without having to worry about going into work the next day or indeed laying in bed at night worrying about work. I suppose I'll also be encountering alot of people who have a great deal less than I do. In a way I'm hoping to get back to basics and once I'm in the swing of things I hope the real "me" will return. I've realised that the pressures of what we regard as modern life are a load of crap. I mean I've worked hard, earned money, bought a house, bought all the silly gadgets and things that we're told we need etc. and what for...? Working all these hours and exhausting myself has only contributed to the decline of my social life and most things outside work. Meanwhile the majority of my friends are married or settled with kids and dogs etc.

I'm kinda hoping that this is going to be the first of many trips. I may come back after 6, 8 or maybe 12 months and work here for a while before going off again, perhaps volunteering or teaching english, maybe working abroad in some other capacity. I'm pretty certain I'll have a job to come back to at my current company so the opportunity to earn decent money will be there if I choose to go down that route. Being a British passport holder I'm always gonna be able to earn money here and find somewhere to stay so in the grand scheme of things everything is good :D

An added bonus was when my best friend decided he was going to come with me - he's been in very much the same situation as me and he's also sold his property and quit his job!

Life's better already as my outlook has changed alot. The only difficult thing is the impatience of wanting to go NOW and not work til the end of the month like I agreed

Bring it on!!!!!


25. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

interesting and everything you say makes sense.

im slightly surprised you sold your house especially when you dont know what the outcome will be for your future.

i would have taken the approach of travelling for 12 months, if i want to live and work in another country then yeah sell the house.

but in 12 months time you may really appreciate in were you come from, but instead you come back to no house...when you could have been coming home to a house.

sometimes its more hassle in selling house and even more hassle in buying a house but so much less hassle in owning a house providing you can pay the mortgage repayments.

i bet you your family think you are nuts!

26. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Because I enjoy it.
Is any more reason that that necessary?


27. Posted by Moonmonkey (Budding Member 52 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

As for the house thing I'm not sure that's what I want from life any more. Let's just say I'd be quite happy to rent when I come back - owning property isn't that important to me after all it hasn't brought me happiness! I think someone else touched on this in another post. One of the benefits of "cashing in my chips" is that I'll be totally debt free and also the trip will be paid for. I'll also leave some money in the bank for when I return.

Maybe one day if I meet that special someone then I'll decide to buy another house. Until then - what's the point?

And yes my family do think I'm mad but they're surprisingly OK about it! They've always thought I'm mad anyway and I'm the only one out of 4 children who isn't settled with kids but then again it's never really what I wanted out of life.

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28. Posted by oslaue (Full Member 571 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

i could always come back to you and say - why do you enjoy it!!!

renting is fine but its extornate! depending were you come from, germany is the only country that i am aware of were property buying and rental is cheap also car buying!

in the uk, ireland etc its a total opposite! rip off merchants!

if i was your father like my father is always telling me were i tell him to get lost...when we are 60 we will have nothing and be living in poverty!

i am the youngest of 4! 25 years old- 1 bro getting married, the other married and has a kid now, my sis got married and is expecting her first kid...me...im just a loony bin! who doesnt know what he wants!

29. Posted by kerby1 (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

well, i thought that thread was about travelling, not about renting/owning a house? :)
But, still if you ask me, i'd like to rent, not to buy, because in Russia it pretty ok and the average length of men's life is about 65 only. i can work till that age.

30. Posted by guiny (Full Member 143 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Just think in all the nice things money can buy; a nice car, a house,cds, clothes, books, etc,... Are they worth after we die?
Ok, maybe they are but to other people. We can not drive a Ferrari in the grave or wear expensive labels once we are dead.
The things that we learn, experience, live, and the food and drink that we taste is ours forever, it can never been taking from us. All our purchases can be stolen, robbed, lost in a disaster,...
That's what traveling is about, experience, live, make life worth. If someone ask me I will tell them it is the best investiment ever. Traveling is invest in ourselves and the other we are about to meet.
Nothing and no one can take it from us.
Since very little I always wanted to travel. I used to say 'when I grow up and travel the world,...'and I know I can make it little by little. then, one day I read 'Round the World in 80 Days' by Jules Verne and I read it more than once, I read twice, three times, four times, probably more,... Phileas Fogg was my hero.
I have always been fascinating for the world, other cultures, other ways of thinking. A couple of years ago a very good friend of mine - probably my very best friend who is gone - gave me a pocket atlas with the words 'May this help you find your way around' and I knew it was time to start. Money, of course, is always an issue but working hard and saving solves the problem.
I haven't traveled much for lack of time and money, but traveled to North America and some countries of Europe. I learned so far that no place is better than the other and that people are all the same, everyone wants the same things only in different ways.
I still have a long way to go. I want to travel to Eastern Europe, Africa and Australia, North Pole is also a dream.
Answering the question, 'Why we travel?' I can tell we travel and we should travel to become better people, more complete human beings, more understanding. We always come back home to see life from a different light. We also travel to learn to treasure home better or even to learn that home is not where you were born or grew up but where you choose to live.
'What happens to you after you travel?' We are never the same. We learn that we depend on other people that we dont even take time to think about. We learn that we are the lessons taught by so many different people from so many different places, social classes and social positions, we realise we are never alone even when we think we are and, finally how small the world is.