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1. Posted by buzzzz (Budding Member 14 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

so then, big decision time.

i am 22 and have served an apprenticeship as a mechanical project engineer, including a further 2 years experience. i do not really enjoy my job (although the money is good) and have been considering travelling for a year now. i've been doing research on here for the past week or so and reckon i wanna do it and now is the time. my friend is wanting to go aswell and i also have a friend in sydney at the moment doing the same thing althoguh she is in a more permanent job and not travelling around. so far i haven't saved any money but reckon by about may i could have about 3k or thereabouts after booking flights. the only thing at the back of mind is what happens afterwards? what happens when i get back and have absolutely nothing, i think if i was to give my job up i'd want to be giving it up for something a bit more long term than a year.

also one more thing, i have yet to apply for my working visa. i am in full health, qualified etc but there is one problem. last week i had the unfortunate incident of being caught by the police when reversing my car out the driveway to let another family member out whom i had blocked in, i wasn't intending on driving again and i'm very disappointed and embarrassed. this is another reason for finally taking the plunge and leaving (hoping it will be a blessing in disguise). the question is do i apply for a visa saying charged with drink driving appending court case or wait until next week when i can simply put banned from driving, as the pending court case could lead to a jail sentence in other cases although i know mines will be a ban and fine.

thanks for listening and your thoughts would be appreciated!


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I'm planning on going nz and oz in october and at first i was worried about what happens when i get back but thats silly now i'm only thinking about what it'll be like when i'm. Although i'm not making any plans to come back or how long i'll be gone for.... i'm just going until i want to come back you only live once. ;)

It's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't done.;)

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Don't worry about coming back. You've qualified in a trade and gained some experience. That won't leave you. You just have to believe that it stays with you - you're not 'giving up' your qualifications.
I was an electrical engineer and my partner an accountant, when we took our kids away for 10 months. We were 36+ and had worked for 12-18 years. We were on the best salaries of our live. We did not sell-up, we just rented our homes out. We gave up our jobs in the knowledge that we could get new ones when we got back. My partner still does accounting part time, and her own business the rest of it.
I switched to photography, but that's another story!

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Hi Buzzzz,

You know sometimes in life you just have to take that leap.

It sounds to me that maybe you are ready to make that leap/change.

I am not sure about your possible court charges - that is a different story. BUT it doesn't sound like it will be a HUGE problem. Nothing that could hold you back.

To me you are saying in your post that you are ready to be making some changes in your life.

At least you have some qualifications to fall back on. You are not losing anything at all - you can be gaining big time by travelling and experiencing life in a totally different way.

Personally I would be seriously looking at making that leap. You will be a different person for it I can guarantee you.

With regards


5. Posted by buzzzz (Budding Member 14 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

thanks for the replies, visa applied for :):)

how long usually til i find out?

i'm so excited!

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