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Hi everyone!

I am hoping to start my travels by working on a camp in America (interview next week hopefully!) and then travel Oz/NZ and S.E Asia (Thailand!) aftrwards. I just wanted some advice from others who have done a similar thing/ route. I am most concerned about vaccinations/ visa's and the general arranging flights/ not arranging flights problem. I am not sure if I can sort out my visa's and vaccinations i need for RTW before I go to camp ( if i get in) or return to the UK after camp to organise a route that starts in Asia then onto Oz. As a first- timer I generally haven't got a clue! I am sure there are many people who have been/ are in a similar position so any info would be good. Altho very worried, I am very excited, but I am the sort of person who likes to be organised and knows what they are doing when, so the thought of getting on a plane and ending up where I end up freaks me out a lot!! Thanks! Happy planning/ travelling! xx

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I did Camp America as soon as i was 18, so not done any proper travelling before this. If you want to go to another country after USA, then i think you have to pay for the flight out of the USA, as Camp America will only pay for your return flight if it's going to the same country as you left from.

I'm 19 at the moment, and going travelling round the world this summer and i'm literally not planned anything, i prefer to go where the wind takes me! Just need to sort out visa's prior to entering the country.

But Camp America is VERY good, i was placed in Alabama of all places!, i enjoyed every minute of it, didnt want to come back to the UK!

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When I went with Camp America, they had the "own transport" option. If you for some reason were dead set upon arranging your own transport (which in your case you must do), they gave you a form to fill out. The process was descibed in detail in the little handbook I got after the interview wih my Camp director, which got me my placement.

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I did camp America last summer. The camp is only paying for you flight back to your own country.
I'm going to Asia in March 2007.
I went to the doctor for the vaccinations. They can advice you if you tell them where and when you are going.

Flighttickets are easy to arrange in America. People from camp are often going to travel around in America. But a travelagency can book flights to everywhere.
Why are you not going to travel around in America?

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I am planning to travel America for a while after camp with the money I earn whilst working there and some I have saved up. I just wasn't sure what would be the best route to take afterwards. Also, by getting a RTW ticket rathe than paying for flights along the way, it may work out cheaper than getting return flights to the UK-I wasn't sure if they would put any money towards a ticket if I wasn't returning to my country. Thanks for the replies- they have been very useful!

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Well, I am definetely going to camp in June! I was hoping to include my flights in and out of the US as past of a RTW ticket if can but wanted to know if others have found it a better option to book a flight to the US then book another one out of it on the way rather than having a schedule as such? I can't decide which would be the cheaper and more flexible option? Any advice?