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I'm planning a RTW trip from July 2008 - June 2009.
My itinary will hopefully be:-

July / August - China
October / September - India
November / December SEA - Thailand / Singapore / Maylasia

I also want to spend a short amount (due to costs!) of time in Korea / Japan but not sure where to fit this in yet.

Jan - March - Oz / NZ

April Mexico

May / June West Coast USA (Arizona, Californa, Oregon, Washington)

Now due to the timing of this trip it means I will be in China during Beijin 2008. I am just wondering if that's a wise time to travel in China. Allthough I would like to see the games, I think it will prehaps not be the best time to be able to take in the culture properly?

Budget wise, with a lot of overtime been worked from now till my trip i should manage to take £7200, allthough I will have to pay for literally everything out of that.

I'm guessing that won't be enough so not sure of my chances of finding work in oz that time of year? I have contacts on the West coast of u.s. so maybe could find work there to, though not sure if it's particually difficult for someone from the UK to get a working permit for the U.S. ?

Thanks for any advice / suggestions !

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I'm not sure if anyone will be able to tell for sure if it would be a good time culturewise to be in Beijing when the Olympics are on, but I would imagine if you got to the opening ceremony it would be some amazing cultural thing like it usually is with most olympic games. I reckon though that things would be better, because the Chinese/Beijing people want to show off to the rest of the world who will be travelling there and watching on TV. You'd have to book a long way in advance if you did stay then, because I heard over 12 months ago that they were already taking bookings for accommodation for when the olympics are on. When you are in Beijing even if it means missing other things, do the Jinshaling-Simatai walk along the Great Wall. That section was far nicer than the other section I went to which was still well in tact.

As for the working visa for US, you are most likely going to find it near impossible to get a work visa for the US unless you have got some highly qualified job ie Doctor, teacher etc and then get sponsored to do the work. So if you wanted to work in the US, you'd probably have to do cash in hand stuff due to their not really being anything like what the UK, Australia, Canada and other countries have. Never having looked for cash in hand work in the US, I am not sure how easy it would be to find, especially with all those illegal immigrant Mexicans that have flooded in on the West Coast. I know that a few hostels would be willing to let you work for your stay but only if you were going to be there for a few weeks or more. That would sure make for a boring time in the US having to work in the hostel to just pay for your stay and get no cash at all for your work. The hours they had on boards were rediculous for just paying for your stay. It was like an almost full-time job just to pay for your stay in Los Angeles and Las Vegas where I saw it advertised. America has so many Mexicans or Spanish speaking people there in California, you feel out of place speaking English as a first language and most of them don't even understand any English at all.

When in Australia, I don't know how you will go getting a job around that time, because most employers put on staff over Christmas and are getting rid of lots around then, but if have no luck, you could always go up to Surfers Paradise in Queensland. Everytime I have gone there, they always have loads of jobs advertised in shop windows (help wanted signs). The younger generation are on a whole too lazy to work up there due to the lovely weather and nice beaches. So instead of working for their money, they bludge off the government and sunbake or surf most the days away at the beaches. That's just the way of life for those bludgers who get over 200 days a year of sunshine (considerably more than the sunstarved UK gets!).

With your itinerary, if you have set aside two months for India and then another 2 months for SEA including Japan and Kore, well you should change that a bit. Maybe limit it to a month in India and add another month to SEA. SEA is a far nicer region to visit and two months in India might drive you to the point where you feel I want to leave and go home now. 3 weeks in India was getting me towards that stage and I just had to change my flight dates to leave earlier before I did something to one of those sub species of humans known as auto-rickshaw or cycle rickshaw drivers. You feel like a little fish in a sharks feeding frenzy around them. They are prats and when you are travelling by yourself it is hard to stop them harrassing you every darn place you move as no means keep harrassing me a lot more and eventaully I might give in just to shut you up. In South East asia you get that to a small degree, but India brings a whole new dimension to it. It is especially bad if you are a male, because apart from the constant people trying to get your business, when you need to buy a ticket as the locals do, you may find yourself in line for hours, as the women have the right to push to the front of the line, meaning you could be waiting over an hour to buy an 8 rupee train ticket (a few pence), but if you get the long distance tickets out of the foreign tourist quota at the various tourist quota offices, well that usually will save you a lot of waiting about. I could give you various other reasons to take at least some time off of two months in India to add a bit more on to SEA if Japan and Korea are on a must see when doing SEA. Vietnam is really a must see if you are going to be in SEA (it's also very cheap for loads of great memories and fun), as is Cambodia. Even though they are both right next to each other in terms of countries, the cultures are different, what was eye opening in Vietnam is even more eye opening in Cambodia.

If you spent your money wisely rather than being a drunk every night, well your money might stretch most of the way maybe until America seeing half your time is spent in countries that are very cheap. Oz/NZ/US will eat up a lot of your money especially if you spent much time in Sydney whilst in OZ, because that is a very expensive city to visit. Even if you aren't seeing the touristy things, it is still the most expensive city in Australia to live in by quite a long way.

Have a great trip when your time comes around.

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Very informative reply - thanks ! :)