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Ok im plannin to go away for a year around may! im planning on going to thailand for few wks n then on to Oz for the rest of da year! im jst wondering like when ya have e3000 in bank account for proof, how much more would ya need ta bring with ya?! n once ya get there ya can spend da e3000, ya just need it when ya arrive yeh?? im plannin on gettin wee jobs once i get to Oz to keep me going anyway....
And roughly how much would da ticket cost? around 1500? n is dat return aswell??....
i can't wait to get away!!!!!!!!
thanx for da help!!!!!!

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Well done for making the move, i think you will need to save abit more then e3000 to be honest, probley more like around 5-6k to be safe. You will have to have that money in your bank account for when you apply for your visa (the 3k that is).
You will need a gud bit of money if you want to have some fun aswell as working. have a good look around for flights and stuff i reckon you will get them cheaper then 1500. You can always bring your credit card for emergency ! ave a wicked time i hope it all works out for you

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i already have my visa (eletronically) and australian immigration officials may want to ask proof of funds
when you enter the country (bank statement you need), but reading some posts i have been told
sometimes immigration arent even there to greet you or to stamp your passport which i find a bit
nuts especially for australia! but i think it depends what city you fly in to...i fly into sydney.
having said that others have had to go to the embassy to get theres stamped.

1500 for a ticket seems very high! i have friends that paid 800 euro! that involved
them flying into bangkok, also included 2-3 internal flights in australia, but they did buy
there flight ticket giving 8 months before hand.

i booked my own flights only a few days ago and i am of to south africa, thailand, singapore,
new zealand (including 2-3 internal flights), australia, usa (san francisco) and i paid 1,800 euro including

if i wasnt going to south africa i could have saved myself 300-400 euro...

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I don't know where the hell a person has landed in Australia from overseas, to not be seen by immigrations in Australia. Maybe it might have been possible on a New Zealand to Australia flight, but even then I know it didn't with me in Melbourne. If you find out let me know, because I'd love to enter there next time I come back home, so I don't keep getting harrassed like I am Osama Bin Laden or some other bad guy. I always seem to get a terrorist going over depsite the fact I am a resident of Australia and always try to dress well when going to any country by plane, so as not to look scruffy to attract unwanted attention. So far I have entered Australia in Sydney and Melbourne and both times I got a serious going over, but worst in melbourne. You even get your bags screened before you get to exit out in to the arrivals hall, and I got given a whole load of crap because I didn't declare a couple of food items I had in my bag (a block of Cadbury chocolate which was purchased in Australia, and a bag of Doritos which are available everywhere in Australia). So I find it hard to believe that anyone has got in to the country through an international flight without having any immigrations to go through.

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yup...i find it quite hard to believe myself but apparently its true!
see forums http://www.travellerspoint.com/forum.cfm?thread=23165

but i have seeing some others a few weeks ago.

in ireland immigration can be quite relaxed, my x who was south african when she entered the country was tagging a long beside me...i just said 'alright' in my irish accent to the immigration officer and he just waved us through.

sometimes you just walk past immigration flashing your passport...half the time i dont think they even care.

i was in amsterdam airport recently and that is a different ball game. they actually look at my passport and sometimes ask me questions. they check my passport getting access to departure lounge, they check my passport before i get on the plane and they check my passport when i get off the plan.

in dublin they only check your passport when your coming into ireland (if your lucky!)

my friend was in australia and when going through security they filmed everything and brought him into a small room and stripper searched him...filmed the whole thing so my mate couldnt come out and say he was ass raped / abused.

i have heard vancouver airport is one of the worst for security!

6. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

In one of the links the no stamp in passport was refering to an Australian person who went to Switzerland. They clearly weren't used to what almost all the countries in the EU now do, and a lot of places that are closely linked to the EU like Switzerland is.

I know that when I came to Europe, first trip I used my British passport every EU country I visited and they hardly even looked at the passport before letting me through and gave me no stamp (even though I am no British resident and had never even been to the UK before that trip. Then on the second trip seeing I really do like getting the stamps in my passport to check them out later, I started using my Australian passport in places where I didn't require a visa and even then half the countries I didn't get a stamp they just scanned the passport, looked at it and away I went. In Italy I didn't even have my passport checked at all as it didn't have any passport control place to go to, so I could have been in Italy forever and if I was careful they may have never found out about it. I know when I came to Ireland using the British passport they basically didn't even look at the passport and I was through.

With me not requiring a visa for Australia, I'm not too sure about the visa, but having read a few posts on the forum before you get an email which is the E-visa. So when you get to passport control they'll just scan your passport, and maybe after giving you loads of questions or if you are lucky none, you'll be let through quite probably without a stamp. I can't say I even saw a stamp behind the desk of the passport control desk when I re-entered this last time in November. I did go through the Australian/New Zealand citizen line only though, so maybe that might be why.

I think in this day and age with all the electronic stuff it'll get to the stage where no country will stamp your passport. With these new microchip passports, America, UK and Australia have probably invented a similar thing to a GPS system where it will be able to spy on your every movement with that particular type of passport. That's just my view, but it is quite possible with all the technology and paranoia with terrorism in this world.

I think the filming that went on with your friend may also have been for the TV show called airport security, but ofcourse if they strip searched him they would have filtered that bit out and just showed the talking to him bit and then writing to say he was searched and found to contain nothing assuming that was the case. That is based in Sydney airport, so if that's where he went, that is probably why they recorded it and if he didn't say they couldn't show him on TV he might have been shown as a sign mentions that filming is in progress if you don't want to appear on TV please inform a staff member (something of that sort).

Anyway have a great trip when you come to Australia, but don't expect to come through without being stopped at passport control because Australia is almost as rediculous as the US when entering in my personal experiences.

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