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1. Posted by Rich02 (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys and gals :D

Im planning a trip to China, Going for quite a while. Main locations i have in mind are: Starting out in Beijing then heading to Larsa in Tibet. Staying in tibet for a while to get some real nice views and get involved in the Tibeten culture. Then i am planning on heading to Hongkong to finish my trip.

It will be a huge trip... especially backpacking all the way accross china hehe. I was going to look at getting flights accross some of it but desided its not what i want.. It wont push me to the absolute limit if i do that.

Is there any advise on hostels, how best to take funds or gear i will need for the himalayas. Ill be looking the stuff up but it would help alot if i knew from experianced people who have been there before.

I will be going as cheap as posible with a hell of alot of money in the bank so i have planned to be gone for arround 3-4 years minimum. so all advise is more than welcome :D


2. Posted by annavict82 (Budding Member 47 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

thats awesome!!!!good luck and have a wicked time. i went to china last was AMAZING!!only there for 2 months, but i loved every second and would go back like a shot. stay in the chung king mansions on nathan rd in H-K-they look like a dump from the outside but inside they are double rooms, with massive showers, sky tv and is a whole lot better than a scummy hostel all for 5pounds a night!:)

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oh, man if you go to Tibet, you may spend a fortune on buying those "foreigner insurance".

By the way, the railway from Beijing to Tibet has just been built last July. It would be very exciting to take train as you can see the beautiful views all the way along. Besides, it's very cheap, from Chengdu, my old hometown to Lasa, only takes about 400 RMB, around 50 bucks. The air ticket plus tax and insurance would be 1500 RMB.

Prepare a lot of memory cards, those beautiful views on the way will kill your film.

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