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Hi Im looking for a hotel in central tokyo- but I dont know where i need to be- it seems to be a crazily confusing city made up of about twenty towns- do I want to be in the hustle and bustle of shinjuku or shibuya, or peaceful place like Ueno??
i am looking for a cheap hotel with triple rooms avaialbe- maybe not more than $60 a night.

any help would be sooo greatly appreciated- all the internet hotel sites are really confusing and some are very shifty looking!

thanks so much!!!

do i want to stay in a riyokan (spelling?!) or do they have too many curfews?

any slightly grimy areas i should avoid- roppongi or nihombashi perhaps

help me!!!!

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I just stayed in Tokyo in Nov 2003, and I was not able to find a decent price hotel in Tokyo, I ended up in a hotel in Narita (which was far from Tokyo and expensive to get there). One thing I noticed in Tokyo is the expensive prices for everything. You might want to consider a hostel if you can find one in Tokyo, I’m sorry I have no good advice. Hope you get more info, and share with me cause I would like to go back:)

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Hi fifi,

Couple years ago I spent 130 dollars for a room which sleep 4 in a ryokan in Ikebukuro (central Tokyo), and that was one of the cheapest. Train fare from Narita Airport to Tokyo (Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, etc...) cost at least 15 dollars one way per person. For 60 dollars, it is almost impossible to get a room for 3 in Tokyo. However, you can find capsule hotels which runs about 20-30 dollars per person/per night. If you don't know what capsule hotel is, think of sleeping in a tube in a spaceship on your way to Mars. It is an experience you can tell your grand children later. Other cheap sleep in Tokyo is the YMCA. I don't have any web sites in front of me. However, go to Yahoo search for: Tokyo Capsule Hotel Listing, Tokyo Tourism Information, Japan Traval Bureau, Cheap hotels in Tokyo.
When you get to Narita Airport, there is a Hotel Information desk run by Japan Travel Bureau. They will tell you what is available and if you want, they will book it for you before you get to the hotel. Some places in Tokyo, which have reasonable price hotels and close to shopping are: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Minatoku, Ikebukuro... Good luck!

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Hi there!

Last time I was in Tokyo I stayed in a Hostel out East side - 3 stations Nth of Ueno.

Cheap? Oh yes! 2500-3000yen a night. There are a few places around there that can be had for about that price :) A lot of them have quite a few backpackers in them as well so it's easy to find someone with English to chat to as well :) Lotsa tips and advice from them to be had.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links here so message me and I can pass you the links/contacts.