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1. Posted by lyndsayuk (Budding Member 10 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi, thinking of travelling in Sri Lanka for a few weeks over the summer, the majority of the time we'll be on an organised tour.Is it safe?.. because recent attacks are worrying!

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Funny you should ask, my girlfreinds out in Galle at the moment doing voluntary work. After saturdays blast just south of colombo it'd be fair to say im shitting myself for her!!

Its all too easy to say "your just as likely to get ran over by a car in England than be blown up by a bomb in Sri Lanka", but you might want to reconsider your options. Are you that desperate to go to Sri Lanka? There are plenty of safer, budget countries with the same climate you could visit.

The buses seem to be the main target for the rebels, these seem to be in and around Colombo too, which is where your gonna have to travel to and from at some point, more than likely on a bus.

I suppose, if your not going until the summer you have a small amount of time to think about it. If I had to choose i think i would be a little dubious just going for a travelling trip. Maybe try a bit of voluntary work away from the trouble? Whatever you choose to do, have a safe trip!! :)


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Hi Lyndsay,
I recall writing earlier to another TP member that the South of Sri Lanka has never yet been a target and therefore if the travel is limited to that region, she would be safer. With this saturday's bus bombing incident in the south, the South is also included in the caution areas.

While you would be relatively safer when travelling on an organized tour that takes you to the standard tourist places, maybe as Matt wrote earlier, it might be good to re-evaluate your reasons and see if you are willing to take a chance. There wouldn't be any point in having a holiday, if you are dreading the environment every minute, would there? :)

If you do decide to come to Sri Lanka anyway, I would advice you go directly from the airport to Kandy (Temple of the tooth, Pinnewala elephant orphanage), without coming into Colombo and then from there, you could go further into the mountains to Nuwara Eliya (hiking trails: World's End, Adam's Peak, Kataragama) and maybe for some relaxation by the beach, go from there down to Weligama. There is a direct road from there to Colombo, I think through Ratnapura, instead of via the busy coastal road from Galle to Colombo.

Have a Safe trip,

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Hi Lyndsay,

I am in the same situation as you as I am going to SL at the end of August for a friend's wedding. I don't think any of the recent spate of attacks is going to stop me from going though. Terrorists can strike anywhere and personally I don't think the risk is any higher than in any other large city, and the LTTE (Tamil Tigers - who are largely responsibly for the rest of the violence) have not as yet targetted tourists, more government officials and police etc.

So I intend to go and have a great time experiencing the country - and I hope you do too. If you're going to be in or near Colombo at the end of August let me know and we can share some stories while we're out there!