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I'm planning my 4 days at Manaus on february - any experienced traveller suggestions on how to get most of it are kindly welcomed. Where to stay, what to do & see ...
Thanx in advance.

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One option is to stay in any of the Lodges in the forest. They have all kind of activities: canoe rides, piranha fishing, alligator spotting, visits to indian communities. A full 4 days package can go from 400 to 800 dollars. For example Jungle Othon or Ariau Amazon Towers, check their sites or ask for more info at

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Hi guys

Myself and my friend will be arriving in Lima around the 19th/20th February and we plan to travel by boat from Iquitos to Belem via Manaus. I would like to stop off at Manaus for a few days and if possible stay at some kind of jungle lodge for a day or two - does anybody have any first hand experience of this or any recommendations? Or would it be better to get to Manaus first and arrange it when we're there? We'll be in South America for a minimum of 6 months terefore we want to make our funds last as long as possible so price is a definite factor!



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Hi guys,

yeah I've done the 4day trip from Manaus
There are actualy quite a lot of old threads that address this question if you do a search in this forum

There are lots of different kinds of tours, I think its really important you know exactly what you want before you go and when you try to find a trip you do it with your eyes wide open and realise that a lot of the operators as well versed at fleecing tourists and that you get what you want and need!

the Jungle around Manaus is quite well tramped these days so you won't see amazing amounts of wild life but you will see a bit, for instance things like jacare (small aligators) maybe some monkeys if you're lucky maybe some sloths...If you really want to get into the thick of it you'll have to get a tour going further from the main rivers although most of these are longer than four days.

Manaus itself is quite a nice city, when you go and book your tour its best to walk about abit, try and talk to people that have just come off trips because they will tell you the most recent run down of their tour and how it worked. Go and take a look at the paving around the old theatre too its all worked to depict the meeting of the Rio Negro with the Rio Amazonas (wich have v.different physical characters so don;t mix and you can take a boat ride to see it, pretty cool )

Always haggle and unless you want to pay more than everyone else on your trip don't book it in advance if you can help it.