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Feature Request - Include photos

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1. Posted by ImpBob36 (Full Member 15 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi all. I have a feature request or "show this noob how to do it" request. Not sure where it fits yet.

I've been playing around with the mapping features and first off would live to thanks those involved it its coding, de-bugging, testing and implementation. Great job all round!

What I'd like to do:
I'm now living and working in Japan and maintain the blog for family and friends back home.

When I create a trip, it plots between the points fine and shows DOTs for photos within the time period. Like it :). I like distant the calculator too.

I don't tend to do trips but instead have short day jaunts to local areas. I can see two ways of inputting this.

1) Have small trips from home to the sites and back. This is good but because they're day trips, I don't get dots for other photo sites nearby :(.

2) Do one big trip (Japan) and plot each area. This is fine, I get my photo dots, but the travel lines bounce between the locations. In reality, I'm going from Osaka to Koya-san to Osaka, then Osaka to Tokyo to Osaka. However the map would show Osaka to Koya-san to Tokyo . I go from each specific dot to the next (as expected).

I like to be able to see photo dots that might be nearby but feel its redundant to use method 2, bouncing back to home between each step (Osaka to Koya-san to Osaka to Tokyo to Osaka to ...)

Is there an easier way to do this?

I guess the feature request would come into play with the introduction of a new check box for trip. Something like "include all photo dot on this trip" or perhaps more usuful, "Include photo dots for period between XXXX, XX, XX and YYYY, YY, YY)

Any and all feedback welcome


2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi Bob,

First off, thanks for the kind words!

Now, about the request. Basically I'm reading that option one would be preferable, except for the photo dots not showing for nearby locations?

This might actually have to do with the zoom level you are viewing your map in. For example, when I view your map in the standard 'All Trips & Photos' view, from the default view it looks like there is only one dot at Osaka and another at Hanada Airport. Clicking on the dot at Osaka brings up 50 odd photos 'nearby'. When I zoom in quite closely on Japan (still in the All Trips & Photos' mode) however, the dot starts splitting up into much more dots (get around 7 total around the Osaka area). At this stage, also note that clicking on for example Jūsōchō, will only bring up 4 photos, which in the world view were part of the 50 or so.

We've done this for several reasons, the main one being that at world view too many dots close together becomes really confusing when hovering over them, hence the 'bunching together'. The concept of 'nearby' changes as you zoom in, in part because it's clear to the viewer that there are more dots nearby they can click on.

If you set up each of the day trips as a separate trip, this should give you the behaviour you are after. There isn't really that much difference though with chosing option 2 and then continuously specifying the trip back to Osaka, except that in the first case you will have a far longer list of trips and can view each one individually from the drop down list (the nearby photos only display in the all trips & photos mode though, unless of course they are part of that trip you have selected).

Make any sense?

3. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5235 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Sam: I don't think that's quite the problem here. Rather, if you create a separate "trip" (which in the real world was part of a much larger journey), then looking at the map view of only that one trip will solely show the photos taken during the timeperiod of the trip, rather than also the photos that are part of the larger journey.

This is as intended, of course, but there's a use case for showing a bit more.

Quoting ImpBob36

I like to be able to see photo dots that might be nearby but feel its redundant to use method 2, bouncing back to home between each step (Osaka to Koya-san to Osaka to Tokyo to Osaka to ...)

Unfortunately this is the way the problem was intended to be solved, though.
It's really hard to accurately model real world travel. We can't just assume that the lines should go back to the home-base first, not even based on date (too many trips with too vague dates, or just completely wrong ones at points). We can't automatically include photos from a longer timeperiod, because if the trips are really separate, rather than daytrips that are part of the longer journey, then including them would be completely wrong.
So, there's your suggestion of including two date fields to determine that photos from that daterange should be included. However, every option that gets added to an application like this adds complexity for users, which is bad usability (and the map is right on the edge of being too complex already). 95% of trips would never need such a daterange, yet we'd make each and every user hesitate over the meaning of these fields, trying to figure out if they should fill something in there or not. I don't think that's really acceptable.

So instead, what we've tried to do is to make it as easy as possible to add a (redundant) destination of "going back".
Say right now you have a trip like this:
Gold Coast, Australia [24 Feb 2006]
Singapore, Singapore [25 Feb 2006 - 26 Feb 2006]
Ōsaka, Japan [27 Feb 2006 - 31 Oct 2006]
Jūsōchō, Japan [31 Oct 2006 - 29 Nov 2006]
Nara, Japan [29 Nov 2006]

(Roughly based on your trip, but not exactly.)
And you want to add a daytrip to Kōyasan on the 14th of November. You then click on the Jūsōchō destination. Click on the departure date, and change it to "14 Nov". Click on "save and add a destination". Fill in the information for Kōyasan. Click on "save and add a destination". Now, you're going back to Jūsōchō, which is a destination you've visited before. So you could select a country, type in the locationname field and use the autocomplete to pick the right location, but you can also just click right on the destination as it shows on the map, and that will also fill in country and locationname. So that's one click on the map. Then the "departure date" calendar automatically pops up. (Arrival date was already filled in.) One click in there to pick the date (29 Nov), one further selection of the transport and you're done and have this trip:
Gold Coast, Australia [24 Feb 2006]
Singapore, Singapore [25 Feb 2006 - 26 Feb 2006]
Ōsaka, Japan [27 Feb 2006 - 31 Oct 2006]
Jūsōchō, Japan [31 Oct 2006 - 14 Nov 2006]
Kōyasan, Japan [14 Nov 2006]
Jūsōchō, Japan [14 Nov 2006 - 29 Nov 2006]
Nara, Japan [29 Nov 2006]

Besides filling in the information for the new destination, which'd need to be done anyway, this should've cost you a total of six clicks (departure date field, calendar, button, and then map, calendar, transport).

It's not ideal, but it ends up giving you the most accurate representation of your trip (giving you a neat little star pattern on the map: see for example my various trips that all set off from and returned to Melbourne), and it doesn't add any complexity for the majority of users who're travelling from A to B to C to D, rather than from A to B to A to C to A to D.

Does that make sense? :)

Oh, and alternatively, there's always the "all trips & photos" view that Sam referred to. If you choose to model each daytrip as a separate trip, then that view gives a pretty good overview of how it all fits together, complete with all the photos.

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