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I am plannning on starting my RTW travels in October 06.
Here is what I have planned - nothing concrete yet though.
Guatemala - 10 wks
Mexico - 5 wks
Florida - 2/3 wks (staying with family)
New York - 1 wk
Norway - 1 wk
UK - 1-2 wks
Italy - 1 wk
Spain 1 wk
France - 1 wk
Thailand - 4 wks
Borneo - 3 wks (is this too long)

I have estimated that I will need about 16,000 AUD which equates to US$53/$27GPB day for accom, food, transport, activities.
Do you think this will be sufficient?

Also what is guatemala/mexico like for a solo woman traveller aged 23. I am aware that there us a very different culture between men and woman and would just like to know if anyone's experience - hopefully i will meet people on the way anyway :)

One other thing i have been thinking about....
When you go swimming (beach/pool/lake) where do you store those important documents i.e passport, visa, cc, cash whilst doing this?? Are there entirely waterproof pouches for these items. I know some hostels will offer a security safe service but are these reliable??

Thanks so much for your help - this website/forum is so helpful!


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You budget seems like you should have enough as long as you stay in dormitory rooms in the hostels, especially in New York, Florida, Norway, UK and Italy and Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) as they are all expensive places to travel in. I'll send you a Message with a lot more details about lots of things than on this post.

Have a great trip

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Hi Kylie,

I take it you mean October 07 :)

Crikey you're cramming a lot into those 8 months! To be honest with you, you're not even going to scratch the surface in most of those European countries in 1 week, and you'll probably find it tires you out more than relaxing you and allowing you to explore each area properly.

3 weeks in Borneo is absolutely not too long at all - it is an absolutely incredible island and likewise in 3 weeks you will only scratch the surface. While you're there though you should really try and get up Mt Kinabalu - it's the highest mountain in SE Asia but despite that you don't need mountaineering skills to go up it - you just need to be reasonably fit. I did it back in April and it is absolutely beautiful - pics in my profile if you want to see.

With regards to swimming and stuff, yes you can get waterproof pouches but you will probably find that you are not on your own much anyway and the friends you make along the way will normally take it in turns to watch over each others' bags when any of you want to go for a dip. Don't trust hostel safes and make sure you take a photocopy of your tickets & passport with you, so that if the originals are lost or stolen you can easily replace them. Also, scanning and emailing them to yourself is a good idea in case your whole bag goes - then you can just go to an internet cafe, print the copies off again and take them to the embassy which should really really speed things up.

Have a fantastic trip and if you want any advice on Borneo or Thailand (or the UK for that matter), feel free to ask.